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  1. True For Me, True For You? (Off to School)

    Siobhan, you can always PM me for book related things! I am also fairly active in HOL's IRC channel, and constantly keep my eye open for new posts in the Book Club! Response: I prefer baths to showers. Bathing is actually a crucial part of my daily routine, serving not only to clean my body but also to help me relax after a long day. I follow a very well established routine as well, though. Before getting in, I rinse myself thoroughly. Then, I soak for a while in the bathtub. Afterwards, I get out and wash myself with a washcloth, rinsing thoroughly once again to avoid getting soap suds in the bath. Finally, I soak some more! As you can imagine, all this takes me pretty long (sometimes over 1 hour!). Personal Fact: I love baking and making deserts, even though I don't have much of a sweet tooth myself!
  2. True For Me, True For You? (Off to School)

    It's very nice to meet another book lover! ^-^ We should exchange book recommendations sometimes! Response: I enjoy coloring and own a few coloring books by Johanna Basford, namely The Enchanted Forest and Magical Jungle.That being said, I find painting to be an even more satisfying creative outlet! Personal Fact: I move a lot, having lived in well over 10 houses spread across 4 different continents.
  3. True For Me, True For You? (Off to School)

    How cool! I've never entered a photography contest before, I am a bit too shy for that. However, I will be submitting some of my pictures to the next issue of Alte, the Ravenclaw Newspaper. Response: Even though I am tall enough to play basketball, I am not very good at it. I think that, in general, Japanese people are not very good at it. Our basketball team hasn't made it to the Olympics since before I was born! Related Fun Fact: I'm 5'8, which I'm pretty sure is enough to play for the Japan Basketball Association. Personal Fact: I am a self-proclaimed book-worm, even though I am quite a slow reader. I try to read a book every week, even though I don't always manage.
  4. The Ultimate Ice Cream

    ... and some mini matcha marshmallows!
  5. True For Me, True For You? (Off to School)

    Response: In real life, I don't own any wands. In fact, I don't believe I own any Harry Potter merchandise at all, except for a Slytherin knitted hat (see picture below!). Hey, don't look at me like that! They were fresh out of Ravenclaw hats! Besides, I'm a bit of a Slytherclaw anyway! .... I guess it's time to go shopping, eh? Personal Fact: I really like photography, but I am actually very camera-shy. I much prefer to stay behind the lens!