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  1. Sky Alton

    The Hogwarts High Inquisitor - Task 2

    A counterjinx's very purpose is inherent in the name: it's to repell or counter the effects of a jinx that's already been cast. Were I to use a counterjinx as a jinx an not in self-defence as intended, it would almost certainly not have the desired effect on the target. I might as well do nothing and properly maintain the moral highground.
  2. Sky Alton

    The Hogwarts High Inquisitor - Task 1

    V-Victorious W-Welcome X-excusable Y-yawn Z-Zebras could have done better
  3. Sky Alton

    Detention with Dolores - Task 2

    I totally agree with her choice. Team dynamics are paramount and while I am incredibly patient and understanding when people have genuine reasons to keep them from commitments, I personally will not stand for anyone taking a position if they're not willing to put the work in to earn and maintain it. Going into something, you have to have the time and dedication to make the most of it: giving half a heart means you'll only give quarter or even less later on. As for complaining, again I can't sacrifice a group dynamic for someone who likes the sound of their own voice too much. I will protect to the death everyone's right not to feel okay all the time but to have someone with no perspective on the team just endangers everyone else's ability to process their own negative feelings if they're constantly having to compare themselves to someone who appears to have it worse. I'd rather have someone who's invested, even if they need to put some serious practice in to get their skills up.
  4. Sky Alton

    Detention with Dolores - Task 1

    Willa is a very tall and graceful bowtruckle with silver grey limbs. Contrary to her name, she doesn't always stick to a willow tree for her home but sometimes chooses a silver birch or another tree with trailing branches. She's a bit (a lot) of a snob and won't accept woodlice from anyone. People can take fallen wood from her trees but lay a hand on branch or trunk and you are in all kinds of trouble. People who have tangled with Willa come away with very long, whip like cuts.
  5. Sky Alton

    Professor Umbridge - Task 1

    "The particularly hungry puffskein who has been eating everyone's homework and made a nest in the seat of the best armchair has been taken into protective custody by the prefects for his own safety. Could the owner plese come and collect him? You're not in trouble, we just need to discuss -" The rest of the notice has been comprehensively eaten
  6. Sky Alton

    Professor Umbridge - Task 2

    I'd struggle in potions but I think Tarma's right, simply for struggling to get through it, Umbridge. I am not very good at sitting there and putting up with lies, particularly not if theycome with a healthy side of patronising behaviour. Enjoyment wise, I think I'd have fun in Divination if I took the Harry and Ron approach because I love making stuff like that up.
  7. Sky Alton

    The Sorting Hat’s New Song - Task 2

    I once wrote an an entire piece for a HOL newspaper about my love for roast potatoes so definitely those, probably with some kind of cut of beef and gravy (possibly even steak pie, which Harry ends up eating twice in a matter of days in this book which always amuses me. ) I'm with you on the pasta front, Arianna. I don't think it is EVER mentioned as being served in the Great Hall and that is something the house elves and I would have words about. I cannot go an entire term without pasta.
  8. Sky Alton

    The Sorting Hat’s New Song - Task 1

    And never since the founders four Were whittled down to three Have the houses been united As they once were meant to be. And now the Sorting Hat is here And you all know the score: I sort you into houses Because that is what I'm for, But this year I'll go further, Listen closely to my song: Though condemned I am to split you Still I worry that it's wrong, Yes, I went for the easy out. These lines have always stuck in my head since first reading the book because it is so true: the houses should be united under the banner of the school and of being part of something larger. We're all people, we're all a broader community experiencing the same things. It always bothered me so much how nobody from the houses seemed to have anywhere they could really get together and there was no real encouragement for people to make friends outside their houses. Having friends with different interests and value systems is so important and not having that leads to so much bitterness and missed opportunities. More than that though: it perpetuates the idea that there's a gulf between us based simply on our ruling traits that isn't bridged by the multitude of other things we have in common. As someone with qualities from all four houses this feels so wrong. I thought about this quite profoundly earlier in the year when I bought HP merch at the shop at Kings Cross. My mum was with me and couldn't really understand why I wanted a Hogwarts Crest keyring when I could have a Gryffindor one. I think HOL really helped me realise just how much I value and am loyal to the idea of Hogwarts as a whole. I love being a lion but it's only a facet of an experience and group identity that goes far deeper than the colour of the gems in your hourglass.
  9. Sky Alton

    Luna Lovegood - Task 2

    Sugary Subterfuge The Quibbler can exclusively reveal that the manufacturer of popular wizarding sweets, Fizzing Whizbees, is in cahoots with a prominent broom maker. There is no way to sugar coat the true gravity of this situation, dear readers. Their underhand scheme is to get kids hooked on flying in their formative years so that the little darlings will badger their parents endlessly for brooms. The idea is that if children spend enough time levitating due to the (heretofore thought comical and harmless) effect of the sweet, they will associate a feeling of weightlessness with contentment. Next time you ponder over which sweet treat to buy, think long and hard. Pick one that lifts your spirits, not yourself.
  10. Sky Alton

    Luna Lovegood - Task 1

    Its sap is a very good deterrent against magical creatures one would rather not have paying regular visits to one's back garden like nundus and sphynxs. Ministries in countries where such creatures are more common have tried and failed to cultivate the plant for this very purpose.
  11. Sky Alton

    The Woes of Mrs. Weasley - Task 1

    I think it's kind of harsh on Percy: he might have been annoying about it (read: VERY annoying about it) but there's no evidence to say he wasn't very good at his job. He did keep a cool head and promote student safety through the events of Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban which must have been pretty scary for a 16/17 year old. I probably would have put him where Ernie is. I also agree with Arianna: they should have put Bill and Charlie in. Even if we don't use Hogwarts Mystery, there's probably enough in the books to make a stab at ranking them using the very loose criteria and conjecture the author does. I don't know, to me the entire list kind of seems to miss the point of a prefect's 'usefulness' (though I know it does that for comedic effect). They were almost the only supervision in the Common Room outside of school hours. For Harry, Professor McGonagall turning up in the Gryffindor CR was a massive thing. Who sorted out the day to day scuffles and upsets of school life? The fact that there wasn't a brawl every 3 days or a high drop out rate due to students feeling unsupported suggests most prefects got something right. Okay, maybe not Malfoy or Riddle but still.
  12. Sky Alton

    The Hearing - Task 2

    The type of chairs I conjure as a rule are quite elegant wooden ones with curving legs, heart shaped backs and arm rests. The seat, back and tops of the arms are comfortably upholstered in cream with a swirling pattern in purple velvet over the top. It means you can sit forward or upright and give the room your full attention but still be comfortable.
  13. Sky Alton

    The Hearing - Task 1

    I agree with what others have said: they are all wizards or witches who have made a contribution to the wizarding world and are probably invited to apply. I think they would also undergo a similar application process to magistrates here in the UK. This involves a self assessment where they rank themselves against certain criteria (like good judgement) and also have to be open about any prejudices they might have. They are then examined by an interview panel made up not only of magistrates but non-magistrates as well. I'd hope the Wizengamot would be similarly rigorous and examine not only someone's contribution but their ability to think objectively, even about themselves and their own thought patterns. Also, I'd like to think that (particularly now) they paid close attention to appointing members from the whole spectrum of wizarding society.
  14. Sky Alton

    The Ministry of Magic - Task 2

    From: Obliviator HQ To: Human Resources Next time you plan an away day to the Peak District with a competitive team building race, kindly inform all attendees that sabotaging other departments with noxious purple clouds, flocks of vampire bats and spontaneous bottomless chasms (amongst others) is neither in the spirit nor helpful. We have just pulled an all nighter on this one. I can't fold it but I imagine this one would arrive looking more like a very tired person's attempt to create a vampire bat (possibly a slightly wonky dove style from the list provided?)
  15. Sky Alton

    The Ministry of Magic - Task 1

    Upon dialing 3473 (f-I-r-e), the phone will violently spray the dialer with water and set up a very insistant siren until someone comes to shut it off. (Also, Polaris, did you just turn the Ministry of Magic's entryway into a jukebox? :D)