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  1. Sky Alton

    The Ministry of Magic - Task 2

    From: Obliviator HQ To: Human Resources Next time you plan an away day to the Peak District with a competitive team building race, kindly inform all attendees that sabotaging other departments with noxious purple clouds, flocks of vampire bats and spontaneous bottomless chasms (amongst others) is neither in the spirit nor helpful. We have just pulled an all nighter on this one. I can't fold it but I imagine this one would arrive looking more like a very tired person's attempt to create a vampire bat (possibly a slightly wonky dove style from the list provided?)
  2. Sky Alton

    The Ministry of Magic - Task 1

    Upon dialing 3473 (f-I-r-e), the phone will violently spray the dialer with water and set up a very insistant siren until someone comes to shut it off. (Also, Polaris, did you just turn the Ministry of Magic's entryway into a jukebox? :D)
  3. Sky Alton

    The Order of the Phoenix - Task 2

    On HOL: probably the Gryffindor 'Pride of the Pride' award I got this summer. So few people have ever received it but more than that it was just a reminder for me of the value of sticking at something and giving it my all even when times were seriously, seriously hard. In RL it would have to be my First Class Honours BA in English Literature and Creative Writing. While I should (all being well) be getting a strong classification on my Masters sometime soon, the BA will always be my biggest accomplishment. That degree was unspeakably difficult for me due to the failure of my university to support me properly and the fact I came out of it with the joint highest grade of my cohort still amazes and bemuses me.
  4. Sky Alton

    The Order of the Phoenix - Task 1

    I actually think getting dressed via magic might go spectacularly wrong. I'm thinking of that old set of robes that tried to throttle Ron while cleaning out Headquarters: what if that was just the left over from someone's disastrous attempt to make clothes put themselves on you? I just think the movements are so precise and the opportunities for getting stuck or things getting torn is just too risky to try it with an every day charm. Although.... I suppose you could conjure clothes and have them appear around you? It sounds like it would take some precise transfiguration and there's no way I'm attempting that first thing in the morning before coffee.
  5. Sky Alton

    A Peck of Owls - Task 1

    The second owl from the ministry would be a sleek grey one: not quite as imposing as the first, formal and fairly unremarkable (a diplomatically neutral owl). The second, from Sirius, would probably have been a Barn Owl with its pale feathers fairly rumpled and spotted with soot from coming down the chimney: barn owls are a fairly common site in London so it wouldn’t look out of place coming from number 12. The howler would be delivered by a Large Eared Owl with elegant, streaked plumage, expressive black ear tufts and distinguished looking, rust-coloured discs around the eyes. It would probably look quite disgrunteled.
  6. Sky Alton

    A Peck of Owls - Task 2

    'I'll take Cadogan's Pony' meaning 'I'll make do with what I have'. I love it because the story behind it about the lengths Sir Cadogan will go to fulfil his quest is wonderful and also completely and utterly silly. (Though I also have to lower the tone and declare my fondness for 'Merlin's pants!' which isn't really a proverb but still...)
  7. Sky Alton

    Dudley Demented - Task 1

    Fruit N' bran We've picked health over savour Fruit n' Bran If you pick fiber over flavour (What do you mean I was meant to be selling it? :O)
  8. Sky Alton

    Dudley Demented - Task 2

    I think Dudley felt the empty panic of realising that life isn’t as comfortingly endless as it feels and something that could end it, or at least turn it into something hellish, was leaning right over him. When bad things happen there’s a sort of numb incredulity of realising it could all end here and now. Faced with the bad moments in your life and some unseen terror, you realise that all that extra time you’ve subconsciously been banking on really could be snuffed out in the next 30 seconds. It’s not fair, you had so much else planned, but it’s about to happen whether you like it or not. It’s an odd kind of rueful detachment, a breathless sort of suspended animation when you no exactly that something truly awful is about to happen and there is literally nothing you can do but think ‘really, now? But I’m not ready!’. It’s almost like stage fright or being called into the doctor’s office early as a child. It makes you reassess: while it’s cliché to say ‘grab every moment while you can’, you really should. You never know when something might come along to throw a spanner in the works. And yes, I’ve experienced it. A couple of times when something goes massively wrong but also if I think too deeply about the likelihood that my serious (potentially terminal) illness may return at any moment. Realising that ‘normal’ time doesn’t apply is a bit humbling, especially when I realise just how many things out there could limit it, not just the obvious.
  9. Sky Alton

    2017-18 Slytherin Awards

    Finally got a moment's peace to come thank you for my unexpected shiny. It's amazing to see Slytherin having such an amazing year - here's to another one.
  10. Sky Alton

    What's Your Tendency?

    I'm an obliger too. Wasn't all together shocked by this as taking on tasks for other people without any regard for how much I already have to do seems to run in my family but I always thought I was more selfish than the quiz might indicate.