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  1. Iguanas We used to have a couple and they were so cute!
  2. Oranges Milk Shakes or Ice Cream Cones?
  3. Mama’s gonna turn the chocolate cake into brownies. And those brownies should get burned
  4. Such an intriguing question and definitely makes you think. I was trying to think of a president further east from Europe and the farthest country with a president that I could think of could be President Rodrigo Duterte from the Philippines. One thing I also see when a political article pops up on the new is somehow related to a large amount of money whether it is owed, needed, or being requested. I know dealing with money and especially money issues gives me a headache so I can imagine it is not something people want to talk about especially not at midnight. I also remember an article a couple years ago where the Philippine economy was taking a major dive and where asking for help so I think the Prime Minister was expecting a call from President Duterte and he was not looking forward to it because it was about money which the Prime Minister has probably already told the present they didn't have any to spare but he didn't want to take no for an answer.
  5. Like many others have pointed out, I agree that I believe Rowling wrote the beginning of The Half Blood Prince to show just how much of a threat and problem this is not just for the wizarding community but for the muggle community as well. All the books up until this point have really just focused on the magical world and though there have been some muggles here and there who were caught in the middle, it was nothing that was too dangerous. I really appreciate that Rowling did take the first chapter to focus on the muggle side so that we don't forget that everyone can be affected by the magical community and it can have disastrous effects. As a muggle reader, I believe that helps put into perspective just how dire the situation could be for all of us. I also like the fact that the Prime Minister had met Fudge before so we did learn that those deemed important enough as muggles are made aware of the magical community and events that could potentially endanger muggles. It reminds me of our governments today and how they hold back information that they don't think people would be ready or able to handle. I love the Prime Minister's reactions and I think quite a bit of us could relate to what we would actually do if some strange man just popped out of a fireplace and started talking to you about wizards and witches. It is a common occurrence in Harry Potter's world but not so much for the average person.
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