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  1. Primarily, I'd need my weapon to be accessible to left-handed people. Being a tiny, not very strong person, I'd need it to be light and small enough to wield effectively. It might be really cool to have it be something I could control with my mind. Then it could do things that I couldn't get it to do physically. I'd also love it to be sleek looking and personalized, so I'd definitely commission someone to make it for me and we'd design it together. I'm thinking sword, but I'm open to other possibilities...
  2. We need more heroes around here. Count me in!
  3. I'm free most days from 3pm-3am HOL time.
  4. Obviously mine didn't have as much fun as Cody's did...
  5. I think I'd agree with delaying the actual day of Christmas. I was trying to decide whether or not I'd want to delay winter break, but then couldn't decide whether I'd want more time to prep for the holidays or more time to recover from them. If Christmas was at a later date, there would be more time to prepare and then more time to relax afterward if winter break was delayed with it. If that made no sense, I apologize. I'm very tired right now and should probably go to bed instead of rambling on and on...
  6. Storage bins with lids (even though most of mine is in cardboard boxes...) Pen or pencil? (Hopefully not a repeat)
  7. Absolutely beautiful! You both look like you're having so much fun <33 Love and happiness to you both, always.
  8. Wish granted. She comes over your way while you're distracted by this, kicks you out of class for inappropriate use of technology, and gives you a zero on your assignment. I wish my house would clean itself.
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