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  1. I would go with a traditional black outfit with a long, black cloak with perhaps a small colorful embelishment, in either gold or scarlet, symbolizing Fawkes and Gryffindor house. Perhaps with a flower or some such that represents sorrow or mourning.
  2. I think that Snape being revealed as the author the additions would be found out much sooner, since Dumbledore knows him and appreciates (I hope) his talent with potions. I think that with that revelation, Harry would be wary of the spells found in the book. He certainly would not be Slughorn's favorite in potions and some events, like Harry attacking Draco with Sectusempra, would not happen. The instances where they used Muffliato would perhaps not happen and the Trio could have been overheard while plotting or even discovered in the seventh book at their hideouts.
  3. That is actually a hard decision, but ultimately I would perhaps vote for closing the school with alternatives to in-person teaching provided for those who would need/want them until the school reopened. I think that the safety of students is more important than teaching and Hogwarts would be one of the main targets in a wizarding war, as it is proven in the last book. Sure, Hogwarts has charms and protections, but that does not mean anything against such a big force and while the protections might last some time and provide necessary leeway to escape, they are useless against non-hostile takeover, especially against an ‘illegitimate’ headmaster.
  4. My money is on Snape lying (since in previous books, Voldemort was pretty fine with trusting some of his inner circle to bring Potter to him), but in case that he was not, I do not think Voldemort trusts his Death Eaters not to accidentally injure Potter in the fight. Some of them are quite bloodthirsty and they would have met with serious opposition from the staff and the Order, which meant that Potter could have been collateral.
  5. "Out of here, quickly," said Snape. I knew brat wouldn't do it. Had my doubts about him, he was a weakling ever since his father was caught at the Ministry. But it wasn’t my place to question our Master, so I kept quiet. I valued my life. Snape was already moving the brat to the entrance of the Tower, probably so he wouldn’t get caught. Or consider running like a baby to that stupid Order. The werewolf and the siblings followed, but I stayed behind in case Malfoy would consider chucking himself off the tower. I followed them behind when I heard rustling behind me and a shouted spell. I was too slow to dodge it and its grip was like stone as it traveled down my body. Potter! I couldn’t move, not even shout as he moved past me and followed Snape and the group. I hoped The Lord would end him quickly.
  6. Yeah, Rosmerta was definitely just wearing what she wore in the evenings, nothing too deep about it. When she heard commotion, she hurried out to see who it was or maybe even to help. You are not really thinking about your footwear in these kind of situations. I usually keep "outdoor slippers" by the entrance, something of a mix between Crocs and an ordinary shoe that I usually wear when I have to take out the trash or hang up the laundry and do not want to bother with actually putting on shoes. So, I would probably wear those. If there is an actual emergency and there is time for it, I might change into my hiking boots. Lots of traction and comfort.
  7. Definitely Draco. As Will mention, he had little choice in his actions, do the deed, kill Dumbledore and be condemned (and possibly killed by "the Light side") or refuse and be definitely killed (or at least horribly tortured) by Voldemort. In the end, he chose to save himself and agree to the mission. The least? Eh, both Snape and Dumbledore. Maybe Dumbledore. He is just as manipulative as some that are labelled Dark and basically threw Harry to the wolves without informing him of several key pieces of information throughout his life. Besides, he was already dying, and accepted it.
  8. I think that Neville's magic would show in green color of many hues and shades to complement his skill in Herbology. At first, his traces would be almost non-existent, as if shy, then become stronger as he gains more confidence in himself and his abilities.
  9. I think the main defense of my horcruxes would be their ordinary nature, as I already explained previously. I would not put any big protective charms on it as I think that would only attract more people to it.
  10. Snow was falling heavily outside. I stepped to the window and looked outside. It was still dark, but I could already hear people milling around the castle, preparing for the Winter Fling. I was very excited, thus I quickly dressed and hurried to the Great Hall, where I saw students from all houses, chattering amongst themselves. Most were wearing snowflakes somewhere on their clothing, sparkling brightly on the dark fabric. Green-clad Slytherins were giving out invitations to their party in the dungeons, in an area where all houses were welcome. I took the offered green and silver parchment, tucking it somewhere safe, before tucking in the breakfast.
  11. I think Ron is severely underappreciated. He is shown as the goofy, somewhat dim-witted of the Trio, thinking more of himself than others at times. Yet he has the skills and strategic thinking and more compassion that we see (one prime example of that is him thinking of the House Elves during the Battle of Hogwarts). Similarly to Neville, I think that Ron's weakness is just nerves, which sometimes cause him to behave incompetently.
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