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  1. The hag, the Healer, and the Mimbulus Mimbletonia walk into The Three Broomsticks. Healer squeezes the Mimbletonia too tight and it sprays the hag. Healer says, "Now, don't go spelling like roses."
  2. Syllabus for 1st years ~ Introduction to Dark Arts ~ Basics for Beginners: Spells ~ Basics for Beginners: Objects ~ Basics for Beginners: Creatures ~ Manipulation 101 ~ Allies, Servants and Where to Find Them ~ Lone Wolf or Pack: Pros and Cons
  3. Firenze, but my real choice would be neither. Both have incredibly narrow views on Divination, but at least Firenze is admitting that. He is also kinder to Trelawney than she is to him and the environment of his classroom is better. On another hand, Trelawney teaches more on the ways of looking into the future with different methods, while Firenze sticks just to the few centaur ways that he knows no student will ever master.
  4. I agree with Scarlet that those that actually own House-Elves, namely rich pureblood families are just simply too proud or think too highly of themselves to think that they ought to stoop "low" to ask the creatures for help. I also believe that many people simply do not know that the House-Elves can apparate other beings than themselves. People do not tend to think much about those that they subjugate and not try and learn anything about them, so it would not be out of the realm of possibility that they just simply do not know.
  5. I would read Spiderman comics to him! Then we can compare man-shaped spider abilities to that of an actual spider and laugh about it.
  6. I also ate a pretzel, which is not a fruit. Sadly, the game went on by too fast to get a separate screenshot, so I hope this counts.
  7. I will take #1 - Letter to Santa stocking
  8. I think a bezoar might definitely be in the works, since love potions should be considered poison. Others might be the ones that counteract love-sickness or strengthen the heart, such as hawthorn, rose petals, lemon balm, motherwort, and rosemary.
  9. Grynn - name of spell or a potion for happiness, smiling, like a Cheering Charm Mooxa - name of a bovine-like magical creature Grantmorr - name of a Gringotts goblin Swopom - name of a spell that swaps things Driratthiel - spell that conjures three rats
  10. As Sky mentioned, all of the modes of transportation have their strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately, I think I would go with one not on the list, a portkey. But, of those presented, I believe that safe-guarded train would be best. While floo network is said to be “the fastest” method, I sincerely doubt that. Bringing around 300 students back to the school by one of two fireplaces is just a mess, especially if they do not know how to use it. If they do not say the name of the place correctly, it is easy to get lost, not to mention the nausea that can result from the transportation. If something would have happened, it would be a pain to find the child while soothing a (rightfully so) concerned adult. Apparition, not all can do. Of those that can, not all can do a side-along one. Perhaps if a couple of staff confident in their ability to Apparate and with no splinching incident would Apparate with the students, perhaps, but again, it would take time. So, I think the train would be best with a lot of guards. Kids would enjoy it, it would be protected and while not fast, at least you will know that all the students are at the same place.
  11. Sky makes a perfect point that one of the missing groups is pureblood superiority, although I would add that that came forth in the “second generation” of Death Eaters, such as the Malfoys. They were not seen as weak, the family itself had a lot of power, or at least enough to satisfy their ambitions and, although hateful, not seeking further ways to make their cruelty known, quite happy with that they could already accomplish. So I am going with the previous posts that all people fall into at least one of these groups. Those that have changed (Regulus and Snape, for example) only did so after being a part of the Death Eaters for quite some time.
  12. I understand why Scrimgeour tried to get Harry onto 'his' side, that of the Ministry. People needed to feel safe in an uncertain time and Harry Potter working with the Ministry would certainly establish some sort of competency that is unusual for the government. When people panic, it can cause great mayhem. That said, Scrimgeour went totally wrong about it. Harry is not the biggest fan of the Ministry, why would he be, especially after what happened last year. Instead, the Minister should approach Harry in a different way, not with Percy (although I think this was a more tactless move on the Minister's part, since Burrow = Weasley family, than a deliberate manipulation) and certainly not in a condescending way. As for Dumbledore, I think he is also manipulative, but in a different way. However, since Order of the Phoenix primarily fought for peace long before the Ministry, his side is 'better'.
  13. I think Ron might have been very clueless and never give her a gift at all, especially how thoughtlessly he treats her throughout their relationship. But, if he did remember, he might have give her a few ribbons for her hair, or something nice he chose with a woman's input.
  14. One of the interesting people in the party is an old Potion-making acquaintance of Professor Slughorn. She comes from the other side of the world and teaching this subject in the Japanese school of magic. While not particularly famous, expect in a very niche Potions subject, the Hogwarts Slug Club members are interested to learn how Potions is taught at other wizarding schools and are surprised to see just how different the teaching method is.
  15. I would decorate the trees with everlasting icicles. They would be, naturally, everlasting, never melting, even in very warm areas. They would give off house colors and purple for staff/Squibs. They would be slightly cool to the touch, but not freezing cold.
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