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  1. Um...I dreamt of it? Like, vividly? Lol I just really REALLY want some strawberry cake... TWBM has never been to Europe their entire life.
  2. Yellow I really dislike pink>< Thriller or Comedy?
  3. You know you're in Slytherin when someone insults you to your face, and instead of getting into a fight in public, you smile calmly and start plotting the other's demise. =)
  4. Now that's just awesome. *takes it* (Snuggles in comfy bed) *Leaves a red Lamborghini Aventador*
  5. Oh my, first I heard of it. (Sorry, I'm new here.) Will go check it out! And I'm sure I'll be ready in no time soon.=) TWBM will tell us the first lyrics of a random song on their iPod(or mp3).
  6. No, sorry. I came here out of nowhere lol Prof. Tarma?
  7. Re:Magnus Jesse & the Rippers → not usually my type of music, but I find "Forever" quite soothing. Good song! Garbage - Cherry Lips I always used to think I was walking through Diagon Alley when I was listening to this song, like there were magical lights floating all around me. C: (I swear I wasn't high, I was just a imaginative twelve-year-old. lol)
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