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  1. Mine is a pretty simple variation on an old favourite: Rock, Paper, Scissors! Except this is Acromantula, Basilisk, Rooster. Basilisk chases off Acromantula (spiders flee before it), Acromantula eats Rooster, Rooster crows and kills Basilisk. For the wizard version though there's a divination element to it. Try and forsee your opponent's move before they play it and beat them. Three times in a row and you win!
  2. The Irish Hook-Clawed Dragon is found in low caves near the sea on the west coast of Ireland, although there have been one or two sightings of them south-west, they tend to occupy the mid-western region of the country. They're a dark mossy green in colour which helps them blend in with their environment but most strikingly, they are a very small breed of dragon. They are roughly the size of wild horses (but much more dextrous) which helps them clamber into smaller areas in the rocks. As they are small in stature, they eat smaller animals than most dragons with a diet mainly consisting of fish. This is what really distinguishes them from other dragons, they can swim. They have a water-resistant layer in their stomach that seals together to be airtight when they are diving and swimming. One of the claws on each of their feet is sharpened into a hook that they use to fish, either by swiping at passing fish or by attaching bait, dangling their claws and floating still at the surface of the water, resembling a mossy rock. Once caught, the Irish Hook-Clawed Dragon takes the fish back to its cave where it unseals its stomach and uses fire to roast and eat them.
  3. I'd definitely used it to explore the other house's common rooms when everyone else was asleep. (Yes I'd be invading your dungeons...out of interest!) Then like some of you I'd head straight for the library's restricted section and look at all the cool books I wouldn't be able to take out or weren't in the Ravenclaw common room's library. Otherwise I'd probably go down and speak to the house elves and explore any hidden passages I could find. I think february's idea is awesome though!
  4. I think Dobby is pretty content in being free but for him true happiness would probably be being with his friend Harry Potter and adorned in as much clothing as he could fit on his little body.
  5. Still clutching The Daily Prophet. Any clothes without robes is surely muggle enough to be inconspicuous, right?
  6. I think it would be a bittersweet day, in times of war I think it's difficult to grieve, you have to keep fighting, stay level-headed and not give up hope. So I think beyond relief and excitement there would be a definite acute feeling of loss for those that weren't there to celebrate. Who gave their lives fighting, never to know the outcome. However, the very initial days I would probably be a little shocked (a BABY?!) and excited. It would pull the wizarding community together for sure. After that, relief and a lot of days with my family and people I loved without having to worry, then grief and looking to rebuilding the wizarding community prior to the war. I also might feel a bit at a loss for what to do next, if your focus is on one thing so intensely for so long and suddenly that threat is (appears to be) vanquished, it might make me feel a little bit at a loss for a purpose for a bit .
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