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  1. March 16th, 2018 Dearest Diary, I realized I hadn't written since first arriving at Hogwarts. How time flies! This semester I'm taking Gobbledegook and Ancient Civilizations. Father still thinks I shouldn't be playing quidditch. Mother insists I be allowed to "live out these fancies" now while I'm young. Speaking of "young" I'll probably ask for a new broom for my birthday this summer. I've decided I want to be a dragon tamer when I graduate. How awesome would that be? I'd really like to specialize with dragon hatch-lings. I'm pretty sure that's a thing. You should have seen the look on Father's face when I told him this just before we left for the station! He could have been a swatch sample for Gryffindor scarlet. Mother sent a care package this morning with homemade treats. It's strange how much you miss home while you're here, but this is also completely home as well. I made lots of new friends this year. Well, it's time for bed. Goodnight! -Hope
  2. Dearest Diary, I made it! I'm finally a student at Hogwarts. The trip here was pretty uneventful. I got sorted into Slytherin (though I really worried there for a while that I'd be placed in Gryffindor! Not that there's anything wrong with it... but my family would be so disappointed.) So far it has been a really busy year. A pipe burst which meant.... We've redecorated the dungeons and they look super fresh and clean now. I picked up my schedule the other day. It's a busy one! I'm taking Famous Magical Equines, Magical Greek Mythology, Poisons, Queens of England, and Quidditch Chronicles. I really like all of them. I was trying to pick out a favorite, but I don't think I can yet. Quidditch tryouts were really tough. I practiced for hours and hours and hours. Buuuut... I made it! I'm on the Slytherin Quidditch Team! I didn't think they allowed first years, but I think the rule was waived a few years ago. I really like playing beater, but my coach thinks I have potential as a chaser. I'll just have to keep practicing either way! I'm tiny. Maybe I can sneak by! Well, it's time for dinner, Diary. Until next time! xoxo Hope Scales awarded ~Max
  3. Name: Hope Stark Age: 12 Year: Second Wand: 7.5" Holly and Chimaera Scale (Heirloom wand belonging to her great grandmother) Pet: Scops owl named Sebastian Physical Description: 5 feet tall, bright red, straight hair, hazel eyes, lots of freckles Brief Personal History: The Stark Family is an old Scottish wizarding family. While not on the list of the elite 28 pureblood families, they retain their pureblood status. The Stark fortune was built centuries ago and continues to thrive today. Hope is the youngest of three, having two older brothers (Edward and Arno, Slytherin and Hufflepuff) who have already graduated Hogwarts. Her father, Anthony, and her mother, Hailey, were both Slytherins. Being the youngest, and only daughter, of a pureblood family means she has certain expectations placed upon her. Being eleven, she doesn't care about any of them. She loves quidditch (very un ladylike, according to her father) and nature just as much as she loves the color pink and sparkles. If you can’t find her, there’s a good chance she’s in a pond somewhere with some kind of creature. Temperament: Hope is a very sweet girl. She is bright and bubbly and all over the place. However, look out if you cross her. Her family has coined the term “Ginger Snap” to describe what happens. She’s a little shy at first, but once you get to know her, she can be a lot of fun. Being all over the place is one reason she is like a tiny little bludger (and why beater is her favorite Quidditch position!) Special Possessions: Her wand (it belonged to her great grandmother and chose her as well) and her broom Greatest Fear: Growing up Future Goals: Be a dragon tamer! Strongest subject: Care of Magical Creatures Weakest subject: Charms
  4. Club Name: Green Team Club Description: The best team ever Sponsor: Maxwell Shadow Signatures: Prof. Cody Lewis Darcey Goode Hope Stark
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