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  1. Thanks for the fun activity! <3
  2. France was how I first came in 'contact' with Disney. My parents took me and my brother to Disneyland Paris. After that, I've visited it with my bf, three time. I've also been to South France, lovely weather, great mountain views. And of course: croissants!
  3. I will try to be there, with the biggest, baddest of them all: Whopper!
  4. Come on Équipe Verte! We need to win this <3

  5. I like to think I would have survived and be a hero to the French people But I probably would not have fared well, lol. I would have liked to meet Joan of D'arc or Napoleon.
  6. So far, so good...
  7. I've been to Paris a couple of times to visit Disneyland. I also went to The Louvre Museum once. And I've been to South France, and Monaco.
  8. Meh, that's in the middle of the day for me. I'll have to do them afterwards.
  9. I've tried many French dishes, I needed a reminder though (so thanks for the link to the quiz ) Crème Brûlée Croissant Crêpes Tompouche Eclaire Mouse au Chocolatte Mille-feuille (the Dutch equivalent is Tompouce) Croque-Monsieur Quiche Lorraine Roquefort Baguette Omelette Pain au Chocolate Brie Tarte Tatin Paté That's quite the list... My favorite of all, is the Mille-feuille, and here is the Dutch equivalent (we even have orange ones for King's Day or when our national soccerteam plays)
  10. Haha, yes I think I watched all videos on Youtube from French operas, lol. I went with an opera singer that has a voice that resembles her (Maybe it is her! :O), and I guessed the song, but I think I got that one wrong.
  11. That first one though............