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    Far away from home...
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    TV shows, Spanish and zodiacs. You can hear me singing anytime and everywhere! If you do, I am not responsible for the consequences! :D

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  1. Kelllls! I haven't talked to you in ages!! How are you?
  2. Battlescars by Guy Sebastian and Lupe Fiasco
  3. No, thank you very much! *leaving it* *leaving some scented candles*
  4. I'm so leaving it! Never liked blackberries... *leaves a tiramisu*
  5. I say, let's win some quaffle matches together! Hmm...I think you and Cody are the reason I came, cause I wasn't talking to any Slytherins before...
  6. Hibernating you say...I enjoy nothing more than waking people up
  7. I'm actually not listening to anything, but singing Bruno Mars - When I was your man
  8. I'm definitely taking that *leaves a cup of English tea*
  9. AshWatch119 is mine and I'm a Gryff! How did you guys find Rita's gossip article and the word cup live event? I think both were brilliant and hilarious
  10. Heya! Nice to meet you! Where is everyone? You can't let me invade the dungeons without a bit of fight
  11. I definitely slap Cody for being so awesome at Quidditch
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