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  1. OMG I don't know how dare I break the ultimate FFnet pairing but well.. Severus Snape - Harry Potter
  2. 6 because whatever it is, it's kind of cute I guess?
  3. I don't quite get what there is to win but, heh. Why not xD
  4. Gosh. Just how dare you kill the Malfoys? o_O Fred - Snape + Fred 65 Snape 67 Luna 42
  5. Quatre mille sept cent soixante (4760 in French)
  6. I'm SilverFlame12477 on Pottermore - and a snake, of course.
  7. Name: Theodora Riley Age: 11 Year: 1rst Wand: 10.50" Vine and Unicorn Tail Hair Pet: none as of yet. Physical Description: Theodora is still fairly small for her age, not quite frail, but nowhere near chubby or chunky. She has mid-long square-cut ash-blond hair and navy blue eyes in which often gleams a cheeky spark and flat breast. Brief Personal History: She comes from two old families of wizards, both of saxon origins, although one had traditionally sent its offsprings to Durmstrang, while the other had them sent to Hogwarts, usually sorted into Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Her father, Allistair Riley, was the keeper for his Quidditch house team back in his days at Durmstrang, where he sent his elder son Dean. He has also always been skilled in Charms and Dark Arts, which make him an exellent Unspeakable at the ministry today. Her mother, Morgana Parkinson, was skilled in Charms and Runes when she attended Hogwarts, which decided her to further her knowledge in Charms, becoming a Charms Master. Theodora also has an older brother, Dean, who attends Durmstrang where he plays beater for his house team. He is 16, and a 5th year. He is also a bully and loves to wreck whatever his sister holds dear as a proof of his superiority. Of course it may also show how utterly inferior he feels towards his younger sister, but Theodora wouldn't realize or even consider than. She also has a younger sister, Georgianna, who is very smart and doted on by everybody, Dean included. Theodora is nicknamed « Theo » by everyone in her close circles, she set in her mind to becoming the Greatest Potion Master the World has Ever Known since some day in her childhood, her brother had failed for the first and only time to do something she had managed to do – brew his first potion.(of course under the attentive eye of their Aunt Sinistra, who was a Potion Master at Durmstrang) Temperament: Theodora is 11, and as such a young child, fairly easily impressed, although she has always been taught not to display her emotions, not to let her feelings be seen, for they would become weapon for her foes. And you could never tell who would turn into a foe until it was too late. She is also cunning, and has always managed in one way or another, to pay back her brother whenever he detroyed some possession of hers, never in an upfront way of course. Sometimes when she managed her mischief well enough(when he went far enough for her to feel nothing but wrath until payback time), he never even found out she was the one behind the downfall he was going through. Special Possessions: Her quill and ink. And her Potions Book. She got them as a present from her Auntie Sinistra when she told them her dream of becoming The Greatest Potion Master Ever. Her Aunt found it wonderful and encouraged her by giving her a set of enchanted quill and ink. Indeed, the ink can be told not to show to anybody but one specific person, recognising the person's magic signature. Theodora wrote down all of her Aunt's comments and recommendations about the ingredients she was going to use for the Potions that were in the Potions Book she bought for Hogwarts. It was her treasure. Greatest Fear: Disappoining her Auntie Sinistra ; losing her mother's recognition ; being shunned by her father ; being outsmarted by her brother. Future Goals: Becoming The Greatest Potions Master The Word Has Yet to See. (and therefore, overskilling/outsmarting her brother forever(serves him right!), and getting her father's recognition.)
  8. Thanks a lot, it makes things a lot clearer. It also explains how we can use names from the actual story without having to make some sort of clear family tree for each character. I just hope some people are still around, and that those who are, are willing to have a go at RPing :3
  9. Theodora entered the room as she came back from her Muggle study:British History Class. Really, those Muggles were quite odd. Weren't they ? Why dress like easter eggs if you couldn't move around properly in your own attire ? Even more so if you were some sort of Queen, shouldn't you be able to fend for yourself if needed ? Right as she sighed in consternation at the thought, raising her eyes to the sky disapprovingly, her eyes set themselves upon the gleaming decorations hanged from one side of the ceiling to the other. Talking about Easter eggs... The young girl blinked, not quite believing her eyes. Ever since she had been sorted into Slytherin and started attending her first classes, she got into the idea that the snakes were fairly independent creatures, if not solitary. She seldom saw groups of Slytherins hanging out together like the other houses seem prone to do. Except for the Ravenclaw, maybe. They seemed more interested in their books than in their yearmates as well. Or had she been wrong ? Were the Snakes merely more discreet in their displays of kinship ? Her 11 years old self longed for this feeling of kinship she had dreamt about upon listening to her mother's memories of school. Growing up with nobody but her older bully of a brother for half of her life, she had grown accustomed to solitude, and the arrival of her little sister did little to outbalance this habit, as she was but almost 6 when Theodora had received her letter then set for Durmstrang where she spent her first semester. Yet she still, somehow, wished she would meet fellow students with whom she would manage to bond enough to recall her Hogwarts' days with a fond smile like her mother did. Of course she would never go so far as to voice such an shameful thing. Thinking it was embarrasing enough. But at 11 years-old, the young girl didn't need to voice her wishes and feelings, for no matter how well-bread she had been, her very expressive face was still an open book to those who would pay attention. She took another step into the room, looking all over the place, her eyes trying not to miss any of the details of the room, when she finally noticed someone was here. Feeling her cheeks heating for shame of not having noticed earlier, she looked up at the older boy in front of her. Who was he already? She had seen him before, but then again, she had so many new faces to remember... Deciding that silence wasn't comfortable in this situation, she broke it, trying to collect hersef as she asked: "Hello. Is this your doing?" 10 scales awarded for your RP ~Max
  10. I must confess the "this is not Hogwarts" confuses me a bit. Do you mean to say that there's no Bloody Baron, Peeves, Astronomy Tower and other specificities? Like the portraits of the actual story and such? Or do you mean that students shouldn't ask portaits about "the saviour's time" as we would have to take into accounts all of the events from the books(war included?)? Or do you mean it as in "there should be no reference whatsoever to living(it's not as if the ghosts could have vanished between 97 and now.. or is it?) characters of the story"? The Bloody Baron was very scary for all of the first years, even being the Slytherin ghost, he wasn't exactly reassuring so I figured he at least, if not Peeves as well, could have some sort of effect on our easily-impressed 11 years-olds?
  11. Hi there, I seem to be in need of a room mate. I shall mind my own business and do require the same from said room mate. I hex easily, so make sure you don't touch my things. I'm an aspiring Potions Master so you really don't want to sniff through my things. Oh, and I have little tolerance for brainless brutes, so if you're on the Quidditch team, I may overlook it so long as you're not playing Beater. Well. If anyone fits those criterias, there is a spare bed in the room I'm staying in. Not that I need company, really.. Regards, Theodora Riley.
  12. This week has been a long one. When I turned 11 in September, and got -as any Wizard residing on the British floor- my Hogwarts letter, my father made sure to have me suscribed to Durmstrang in the day, making it impossible for me to accept Hogwarts' invitation. My mother was furious, especially since my father didn't apparently deem it important enough to let my mother or myself know about his decision. Indeed, my father had been a Durmstrang student in his days, while my mother was attending Hogwarts. She never complained about it -then again, Slytherins don't complain for the sake of it- yet Hogwarts' Headmasters' being famous for usually being the goody-two-shoes kind of looneys, she didn't have to. My father then took the matter in his hands and went to sign me up to the same school my older brother Dean was already attending -Durmstrang. However, if my father's side of the family, the Rileys, are well-known(in the Durmstrang alumni circles of course) for being head-strong in their revenges, my mother's side of the family, the Parkinsons, are famous for having their way, whatever the cost. Now with such background, one may fear to think what kind of people their offsprings would turn out to be.. Well, Fear not, for I was spared from inheriting both traits. Or was I ? Anyways, my mother ended up with the upper hand(as usual), and here I am -transfered to Hogwarts and sorted into Slytherin on the first week of the second semester. I picked 5 classes that corresponded more or less to those I was already following in Durmstrang, all that's left for me to do is to meet new people here. Scales awarded ~Max
  13. The very first thing I was taught when I got my wand was this simple -yet very handy- transfiguration spell. One that allows me to make all of my belongings look old and dull to anyone but me. So, here's how you may see my diary if you dare to try and look through my stuff: Scales awarded for journal image ~Max
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