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  1. Polaris Black

    Priori Incantatem - Task 1

    Tom Riddle Sr., Voldemort's father, was a wealthy, snobbish and rude Muggle raised in Little Hangleton. He was extremely handsome so a local witch, Merope Gaunt, bewitched him into falling in love and marrying her. When the enchantment wore off, Merope was pregnant and Tom Riddle Sr. abandoned her. Merope died shortly after her son was born and the child who would become Voldemort was brought up in a Muggle orphanage. When he was 16, Voldemort returned to Little Hangleton, killed his father (and grandparents), and used the death to make Marvolo Gaunt's ring into a Horcrux. He framed his uncle Morphin, Merope's brother, for the crime.
  2. Polaris Black

    Priori Incantatem - Task 2

    I started listening to the Harry Potter series when Goblet of Fire first came out and it took a few months before I started listening to the fourth book. But something was different - I read much faster than I can listen and the story was unfolding too slowly for me. So I wound up buying a hard copy at my local bookstore, which apparently still had first editions. I noticed the mistake when Dumbledore was explaining Priori Incantatem and we discussed it at length in book club. In retrospect, some explanatory theories were quite comical! And in their editing haste, there was one consistency error: I am currently reading a revised version in paperback and all instances of error have been corrected, except one:
  3. Polaris Black

    The Death Eaters - Task 2

  4. Polaris Black

    The Death Eaters - Task 1

    I was standing with the rest of the Durmstrang contingent, waiting for Krum to emerge from the maze when I felt the burn. I knew I was doomed - I gave up the names of so many comrades, there was just no forgiveness for me. As I made my way to the Forbidden Forest to begin my flight in earnest, I wondered how this could be happening; it just wasn't possible. And yet. . .
  5. Polaris Black

    Flesh, Blood, and Bone - Task 1

    Although I have an aversion to needles (and daggers!), I would have to choose blood. A silver hand or a Skele-Gro night frankly doesn't appeal to me! And just a little blood goes a long way. . .
  6. Polaris Black

    Flesh, Blood, and Bone - Task 2

    Unicorn horn might have been included in Lord Voldemort's regeneration potion. Unicorn horn has purification properties and is used in the Antidote to Common Poisons. It's probably a good idea to add something that counteracts common poisons since the flesh, blood, and bone come from different sources. And Voldemort had absolutely no problem using sacred unicorn parts.
  7. Polaris Black

    The Pensieve - Task 2

    Igor Karkaroff
  8. Polaris Black

    The Pensieve - Task 1

    The past is what we choose to remember.
  9. Polaris Black

    The Yule Ball - Task 1

    We took a series of ballroom dance lessons with the grandson of my tap teacher. You follow a very strict curriculum and ultimately, they want you to represent the school in dance competitions. In the end, I found I am not skilled enough to dance with anyone other than the person I learned with! That being said, my favorites were the Latin dances - although it's quite different learning in a studio and negotiating a crowded dance floor. I would love to learn the Argentine tango and maybe the paso doble just for the sheer challenge.
  10. Polaris Black

    The Yule Ball - Task 2

    I listened to the audio books so pronunciation was never a problem. However, seeing a word in print for the first time was sometimes a big surprise, e.g., Kreacher, Knockturn Alley
  11. Polaris Black

    The Hungarian Horntail - Task 1

    Hermione could have whipped up a rather large batch of plump chocolate cakes laced with Sleeping Draught, like she did in her second year.
  12. Polaris Black

    Beauxbatons and Durmstrang - Task 1

    Lee Jordan led a cheer for the Slytherin Quidditch Team!
  13. Polaris Black

    The Unforgivable Curses - Task 1

    It depends - the spell, the caster, and the target all play a part. On the one hand, the intensity of the Cruciatus Curse varies with the character and experience of the caster. Merely uttering the incantation is not enough to successfully perform the curse. As Bellatrix advised Harry, "You need to mean them, Potter! You need to really want to cause pain — to enjoy it — righteous anger won’t hurt me for long — I’ll show you how it is done, shall I?" On the other hand, Faux-Moody said, “The Imperius curse can be fought, and I’ll be teaching you how, but it takes real strength of character, and not everyone’s got it. Better avoid being hit with it…” Harry ultimately learned to resist this curse by exercising his strength of will. Although the Killing Curse cannot be blocked by magic, it can be blocked by a physical barrier or merely by a dodge. Harry of course, was protected by his mother’s sacrifice. "Consent" comes in many flavors, most of which are out of the target's control.
  14. Polaris Black

    The Unforgivable Curses - Task 2

    H.E.A.L. Help Elves Achieve Liberation Seriously, S.P.E.W. or H.E.A.L.? Which badge would you rather wear?
  15. Polaris Black

    Mad-Eye Moody - Task 1

    This was really hard to figure out but like Scarlet, I am Mercury-dominant. Most Mercurians are extroverted - I definitively am not!