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  1. As a child, my favorite place to visit was the planetarium so I would prefer to study with Fitenze. Predicting the future based on the relationship and movement of celestial bodies just makes sense to me. And the classroom, an enchanted forest, is the icing on the cake.
  2. Love Potion Antidote Ingredients · Wiggentree twigs. · Castor oil. · Add extract of Gurdyroot.
  3. Stormy Weatherby – Yoda’s meteorologist relative Murial Spellchecker – witch member of the Wizarding Examinations Authority Gerry Mandering – partisan politician Miss L. Launch – military strategist Aldo Weinstein – manufacturer of mugs for alcoholic beverages
  4. If I were lucky enough to get my hands on unicorn hair, I would use it as an ingredient in some experimental healing potions.
  5. When making the Polyjuice Potion, Fluxweed must be picked at the full moon.
  6. I would read him some scary spider stories that show up in ancient mythology, urban legends and newspapers. · The Monster in the Elevator. · The Bite of the Recluse. ... · The Nastiest Spider Bite. ... · Attack of the Brazilian Wandering Spiders. ... · False Widow Hysteria. ... · The Pet Tarantula. ... · The Snake-Eating Spider. ... · Raiko and the Tsuchigumo ·
  7. Ron would have to be completely obtuse to miss her love of Divination. A deck of enchanted Tarot cards would be appropriate,
  8. I could imagine Slughorn inviting relatives of former Slug Club members who either achieved greatness during the time he was not at Hogwarts or didn’t catch his eye when he was. For example, Barnabus Cuff could have a niece who was inspired by her editor-in-chief uncle and became an award winning photojournalist.
  9. An evergreen in its natural environment is glorious. The shining white trees at St. Mungo’s with their magical snow and glittering icicles really appeals to me. I also prefer a golden star topper to the use of fairy lights.
  10. I think most potions or spells would be illegal in competition. Ron was not a “natural” talent like Harry and other members of his family, who he was always competing with. He didn’t even try out for the team until his sixth year, when Harry was Captain. I agree with Harry’s approach – a psychological one. I probably would have worked with Hermione to set up a group of “cheerleaders”, who would laud his every move during practice until his confidence was built up.
  11. I like my sports commentary like my news – factual. I appreciate it when the action is conveyed in an accurate and timely manner. But I also appreciate it when a nuanced play is explained. For example, when Viktor Krum successfully executed the Wronsky Feint, it could be described with extreme recognition of the athlete but without any team partiality.
  12. I'm thinking Dumbledore planted a false memory of Mrs. Cole reading the acceptance letter even though the parchment remained blank. Mrs. Cole would be satisfied and not pursue the matter further.
  13. I remember reading somewhere that Merlin was a Slytherin and had been born able to speak perfect English. It isn’t a stretch for me to believe he could have communicated with animals, especially snakes. One positive use for Parseltongue: Harry spoke to the snake in the zoo before setting him free.
  14. Like the Imperious curse, reciting the incantation is not enough; the intent of the caster is key to its successful performance. When James cast the Levicorpus spell, he (and the other Marauders) intended to embarrass and humiliate Snape against his will. Harry on the other hand, had no idea what would happen and no malicious intent so he and Ron (and their roommates) enjoyed a good laugh. Ron was not held against his will
  15. Mundungus probably stole the goblet when he was at headquarters. Image is of a silver goblet with the Black family crest on it
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