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  1. Mayhem at the Ministry - Task 1

  2. Mayhem at the Ministry - Task 2

    Muggle Studies might host a practice event as part of the curriculum or Professor Slughorm might plan a formal party for the Slug Club.
  3. Bagman and Crouch - Task 1

    I couldn't say no to a dancing shamrock hat - but most of the shamrocks are on break now!
  4. The Quidditch World Cup - Task 1

    The wallcreeper is a primarily blue-grey bird with extraordinary crimson wings, which echoes the red in the Bulgarian flag..
  5. Door 1: Slytherin's Stash

    A book: This is the 20th Anniversary Slytherin House Edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. A weapon: This is Lucius Malfoy with his walking stick. It concealed his wand and was used as a weapon by him during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. It has been conjectured that the cane could be enchanted with a Shield Charm, which would be used defensively in a duel, in conjunction with the wand that was used for offense. An item with a snake: This is the door to the Chamber of Secrets as seen in the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. It was built by Salazar Slytherin and enchanted to open when commanded in Parseltongue. An item with an emerald: This is the Slytherin House Hourglass, which is located in the Hogwarts Entrance Hall and used to record the number of house points that have been awarded or deducted with emeralds. An item with a water element: This is Professor Slughorn’s Hourglass, which is a clock made of two connected glass vessels through which sand and a green fluid flows. It is used to measure how interesting a conversation is.
  6. Happy Slyth-o-ween!!

    Cody wrote: Best clue EVER!
  7. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes - Task 1

    I looked through some old photographs and here's what I found: I had taken of a series of "rapid fire" photographs of my nephew as a toddler . I found one where he looked exactly like my brother. But there was one I took a few seconds later and he looked exactly like my sister-in-law! My father and my mother's brother looked nothing alike as adults. However there are some pictures of my brother as a child that look like one or the other of them as children! My mother and I look nothing alike except I have her eyes - the exact shape and color. But her eyes are mischievous where mine are not and no one ever sees the resemblance! When it comes to resemblance, expression my be more powerful than physical features!
  8. Piece Together

  9. Drawing on the Wall

  10. Signature Tradition

    Avi: Sig: Chocolate frog sent!
  11. Back to the Burrow - Task 1

    For me, February is just one big birthday countdown!
  12. Duelling

    Happiness always, to you both - and of course, a touch of magic!!! P.S. More fabulous pics, please!
  13. 2016-17 Slytherin Awards

    I always feel welcome here and love my new shiny - thank you so much! And congratulations to all the award winners; that's quite an impressive list! See you next year!
  14. What's Your Tendency?

    I guessed I was a Questioner and the quiz verified it. I'm a data junkie and gather as much information as I can before I make a decision.
  15. Coupe d'émeraude Closing Ceremony

    Je vous remercie pour votre hospitalité!