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  1. Duelling

    Happiness always, to you both - and of course, a touch of magic!!! P.S. More fabulous pics, please!
  2. 2016-17 Slytherin Awards

    I always feel welcome here and love my new shiny - thank you so much! And congratulations to all the award winners; that's quite an impressive list! See you next year!
  3. What's Your Tendency?

    I guessed I was a Questioner and the quiz verified it. I'm a data junkie and gather as much information as I can before I make a decision.
  4. Coupe d'émeraude Closing Ceremony

    Je vous remercie pour votre hospitalité!
  5. Week 5 - Discussion

    All things French have a certain je ne sais quois about them. It literally means "I don't know what" and is "an intangible quality that makes something distinctive and attractive". It's all in the details. You see it in the shape of President Macron's collar and the cut of his lapel. You see it inside Notre Dame, on the facade of the Louvre, and at the gardens of Giverny. You see it in the craftsmanship of Faberge eggs and Cartier jewelry. You see it in the presentation of food, especially desserts. And that's only some examples of what you can see. Try to visit France with someone you love - and not with a group of coworkers!
  6. Week 4 - Discussion

    I don't think I would have fared well during the time of the French Revolution and probably would have opted to visit relatives in Cardiff for an indeterminate period of time. I'm more for peace, prosperity, and progress so I would choose the Belle Époque period to experience and visit the Exposition Universelle in 1889. I would have loved to have seen the brand new Eiffel Tower and Machinery Hall and a model of an Aztec temple. Imagine rubbing shoulders with the likes of Debussy, the Prince of Wales, Bonheur, Gauguin, van Gogh, Tesla, and Edison. To appease my left brain and right brain, I would want to meet Marie Curie and Coco Chanel at work in their lab and studio respectively. And Emma Watson (I know - not historical), who has evolved into a remarkable young woman, right before our eyes.
  7. Week 5 - Art

  8. Week 4 - Little Alchemy

  9. Week 4 - Art

  10. Week 3 - Discussion

    The first thing I did in Paris was take a guided bus tour and rode by Opéra Garnier, Place Vendôme, Sainte-Chapelle, and Jardin Des Tuileries just to name a few. I majored in Art in high school so whenever I travel, I spend a lot of time visiting museums. I was intercepted by a coworker on a river taxi so my time at the Musée d'Orsay was squandered in a work debriefing. However, I did manage to get to the Petit Palais, the Centre Pompidou-Metz, and the Musée Galliera, which holds the largest costume collection in Paris. I kind of zipped through the Louvre (it’s gargantuan) and was not even a little disappointed that part of the Sully was closed for some kind of maintenance. I made sure I hit the highlights but of course didn’t make a dent. And the Glass Pyramid looks more anachronistic in photographs than when you are actually there. I went to a religious service at Cathédrale Notre-Dame and was mesmerized by the magnificent stained glass and superb wood carvings. I walked the Champs Elysées and stopped at a McDonalds (just to see if it was different) before crossing underground to the Arc de Triomphe. En route to the Eiffel Tower, amidst all the French street names, I was surprised to see New York Avenue. I later found out it was renamed for the most populous city in the United States, which had just liberated France after the Second World War.
  11. Week 3 - Art

  12. Week 2 - Art

  13. Week 2 - Discussion

    I was fortunate enough to work in Grenoble for a short period of time. Breakfast was usually an omelette in the hotel and lunch (for me, Salade Aveyronaise or Salade Nicoise) was served with wine in the company cafeteria. At night, my coworkers and I would venture out on foot and have dinner in one of the tiny local restaurants we encountered. The food was inevitably superb. I would eat mostly seafood (salmon and scallops were my favorites) and I tried escargot and foie gras. I could never deviate from mousse au chocolat for dessert - it was absolutely the best I ever tasted. One night, our host took us out to dinner and he ordered for us so I have no idea what we ate but of course, it was delicious. Oddly enough, when I was in Paris, the food didn't agree with me at all and I didn't feel well again until I ordered plain grilled fish (in fractured French) and Perrier!
  14. Week 1 - Art

    Here is my avatar: Here is my sig:
  15. Week 1 - Discussion

    I love short stories and one of my favorite authors is Guy de Maupassant - I was hooked after I read The Necklace. He is considered to be one of the fathers of the modern short story and, I have to agree, one of its finest practitioners. As a lover of Lerner and Lowe musicals, I must include Gigi, a coming-of-age story set in Paris at the turn of the 20th century. The film, based on a novella by Colette and starring Leslie Caron and Louis Jordan, garnered nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture.