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  1. Whenever I click on the "View New Content" button, it gives me an error page. This is what it says: (I can also post a screenshot if that would be better) www.dungeons.org.uk Driver Error There appears to be an error with the database. If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. Sometimes this error is temporary and will go away when you refresh the page. Sometimes the error will need to be fixed by an administrator before the site will become accessible again. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here It's not a very important issue, but I'd found the new content page useful.
  2. You really should read the Maze Runner! It's a really interesting premise, and (most of) the characters are really likable. It's one of the best young adult dystopian novels I've read as of lately. Should I read Flowers for Algernon with a tissue box nearby? I cry pretty easily at books, haha. This is gonna be the biggest change. I've re-read the series several times, but not in the last couple of years. I already know all the books (almost by heart!) so it's going to be mostly the way I react.
  3. I read the Maze Runner trilogy because my best friend lent it to me. I found it interesting but Thomas was annoyinggg haha! I also read Coelho's The Alchemist, Persepolis, and whatever else I had lying around. I'm currently trying to read some of the "must-reads", such as One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Watership Down and Flowers for Algernon. I'm mostly just trying to diversify my reading in-between writing for NaNo and working. I should also re-read the HP series! I think it would be super interesting to see how my perception of the series has changed throughout the years.
  4. *pokes head in* I'm still alive!

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    2. Aeonyx Verrier

      Aeonyx Verrier

      How's everything around here? :)

    3. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      Not much has changed to be honest! Dungeons a bit lifeless at the moment.

    4. Aeonyx Verrier

      Aeonyx Verrier

      I saw that! Hopefully come the semester's start, things will start livening up again!

  5. Only a few select rappers, like Nicki Minaj and 2Pac. TWBM likes volunteering
  6. Not that I know of! TWBM likes reading science-fiction.
  7. I'm still alive! And high school's over forever.

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    2. Aeonyx Verrier

      Aeonyx Verrier

      Hard questions are the best ;P I hope you get that offer quickly!

      I'm going to college in honours science, and I want to go on to uni to become either a forensic pathologist or a vet.

    3. Bull J. Johnson
    4. Aeonyx Verrier
  8. Aah, thanks for explaining! I've heard more of people squibbing over to slytherin that snakes squibbing over to other houses. Must mean something, haha.
  9. Two new Art Department projects!

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    2. Aeonyx Verrier

      Aeonyx Verrier

      They did say to go see Malkin's, though.

    3. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      Oh so you can do only a item as long as it refers to a shop. To bad I'm busy with my last term project.

    4. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      You've got a while before the deadline


  10. No, I mean when you actually ask to squib, do they have a decision time or is it more like "oh ok you want to squib *wand waving* ok you're a squib." Do you have to justify your squibbing?
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