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    Under the Lake?
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    Educational Decree Number Twenty-four

    Club Name: The Arcade Club Club Description: A club for people to test their ambitions and skills with fun Muggle video games! Sponsor: Will Lestrange Signatures: Arianna Stonewater Aurelia West Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
  3. GREAT JOB so far this year, Slytherins!  Seeing the House Cup standings every day puts an enormous smile on my face.

    1. Prof. Amy Lupin

      Prof. Amy Lupin

      Keep up the fantastic work, everyone!

  4. Will Lestrange

    SerpenTimes Ideas

    I’m not sure I’ll be able to get it on time for this issue but I’d love to write it anyway: ”The Chaser Race: Wasted Opportunities for Excitement” as an article talking about how the Quaffle side of Quidditch matches has largely devolved into a race between the leading Chaser of each team to score goals! (I think of it as a potential sequel to Cody’s “The Most Important Ball” from a year and a half ago.)
  5. Will Lestrange

    Green and Silver Teams: 2018-19

    Everyone who has signed up for Green vs Silver this year has been assigned into a team for the year! The following people will be on each team: Green Team Amaryllis Storm Anna Snape Brianna Caedmon Dexter York Prof. Amy Lupin Prof. Cody Lewis Will Lestrange - PREFECT (team leader) Silver Team Arianna Stonewater - PREFECT (team leader) Aurelia West - PREFECT (team leader) Jay Schwinn Khaleesia Marie Lilith Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis Sophia Rudel Tristan Knight If you haven't yet signed up for a team (and you are a member of Slytherin House), you can still do so RIGHT HERE!
  6. Will Lestrange

    Puzzle Exchange - Logic Puzzle

    Five members of HOL (including Katelin) have booked vacations to Europe during the first five months of 2019! They each plan to visit a different European city (including Tirane) during a different month for a different number of days. Match each HOLer with the month, length, and city of their vacation! 1. Will will go to Skopje. Will will leave 1 month after the HOLer with the 4 day vacation. 2. Scarlet won't leave in January. The HOLer going to Lisbon will leave for the 4 day vacation. 3. The HOLer with the 9 day vacation will leave 3 months after the HOLer going to Madrid. 4. Emma is either the person leaving in March or the HOLer with the 5 day vacation. The HOLer with the 6 day vacation will leave 1 month before the person going to Lisbon. 5. Tarma will leave 2 months after the HOLer with the 7 day visit. Of Tarma and the person going to Oslo, one will leave in May and the other will leave for the 4 day vacation. Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject line: Cities! (September 2018) SOLVED BY: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black 5 scales (September 2018) Emma Borg 5 scales (September 2018) Katelin Ross 5 scales (September 2018) Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis 5 scales (September 2018)
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  8. For the first time in three years, we are reshuffling the Green and Silver teams! To be assigned a team in time for the start of term, please comment HERE by Friday, August 31 at 11:59 PM HOL! Both Basil and Brabas inform us that they are looking forward to seeing new faces representing their respective teams.
  9. Will Lestrange

    Puzzle Exchange - Logic Puzzle

    Viktor Krum has come to HOL! He has let five of HOL's Seekers (one of them was Marcie) test their skills against him in a race to the Snitch. Each of them tried a different tactic (one of them was the Sloth Grip Roll) to out-maneuver Krum to the Snitch, but they were all in vain. It took Krum a different number of minutes to beat each Seeker (one Seeker lost in 34 minutes). Match each Seeker to the order in which they challenged Krum (1st through 5th), the tactic they tried, and the number of minutes it took Krum to defeat them! 1. Will challenged Krum 1 game before the person who started with the Plumpton Pass. Will played 2 games before Scarlet. 2. Scarlet didn't begin with the Woollongong Shimmy. The person who played fifth didn't begin with the Woollongong Shimmy. 3. Will didn't lose after exactly 18 minutes. The five people were the person who played fifth, Shiloh, Faye, Scarlet, and the player who started with the Transylvanian Tackle. The person who played second was either Will or Faye. 4. The person who played fifth lost in 48 minutes. Scarlet didn't begin with the Wronski Feint. 5. The player who lost in 36 minutes played 2 games after Will. Of Will and the player who lost in 21 minutes, one started with the Transylvanian Tackle and the other played fourth. Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject line: Seekers! 10 scales (September 2018) SOLVED BY: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black 5 scales (September 2018) Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis 5 scales (September 2018) Arianna Stonewater 5 scales (September 2018) Kendra Givens 5 scales (September 2018) Emma Borg 5 scales (September 2018)
  10. Will Lestrange

    Guess the next poster

    No! Scarlet?
  11. Will Lestrange

    Puzzle Exchange - Logic Puzzle

    Five HOLers (including Maxim) presented for History of Magic on one of five past Ministers for Magic! Each student took a different amount of time for their presentations (one took 8 minutes and another took 14) and received a different Wizarding grade between Outstanding and Troll for their work. Match each HOLer to their chosen Minister, the length of time their report took, and the grade they earned! 1. Of the presenter who gave the presentation on Minister Scrimgeour and the student who got the Exceeds Expectations, one was Faye and the other spoke for 17 minutes. The student who spoke for 17 minutes talked about Minister Thicknesse. 2. Tarma didn't speak for 11 minutes. The student who spoke for 5 minutes was either Tarma or the presenter who gave the presentation on Minister Fudge. 3. The student who spoke for 11 minutes didn't get the Acceptable. No one earned a grade of Troll for their presentation. 4. The presenter who got the Outstanding spoke 3 minutes more than Scarlet. Scarlet spoke for 5 minutes. 5. Of the student who gave the presentation on Minister Shacklebolt and the student who spoke for 17 minutes, one was Will and the other got the Dreadful. The presenter who gave the presentation on Minister Diggory spoke 6 minutes less than Will. 10 scales (September 2018) Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject line: Ministers! SOLVED BY: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black 5 scales (September 2018) Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis 5 scales (September 2018) Emma Borg 5 scales (September 2018)
  12. Will Lestrange

    Puzzle Exchange - Logic Puzzle

    Five members of HOL (including Emma) have just bought new wands, but they unfortunately left each wand on a different piece of Muggle furniture! Match each student with the wood their wand is made of (one wand is made of elm), its price in Galleons (one wand costs 7 Galleons), and the piece of furniture where it can be found (one was left on the coffee table). 1. Kendra's wand costs less than the oak wand. Of the 8 Galleon wand and the wand made of walnut, one was left on the barstool and the other is Hope's. 2. Tarma's wand costs less than the ash wand. The ash wand wasn't left on the footstool. 3. The 10 Galleon wand, the 9 Galleon wand, and Katelin's wand are all different. The spruce wand costs less than Katelin's wand. 4. The wand left on the bench costs a Galleon less than the wand made of spruce. The 9 Galleon wand is either the wand left on the barstool or Tarma's wand. 5. Tarma's wand isn't the oak wand. Of Kendra's wand and the walnut wand, one costs 6 Galleons and the other was left on the rocking chair. 10 scales (September 2018) Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject line: Wands! SOLVED BY: Katelin Ross 5 scales (September 2018) Prof. Tarma Amelia Black 5 scales (September 2018) Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis 5 scales (September 2018) Faye Roderick 5 scales (September 2018) Emma Borg 5 scales (September 2018)
  13. Will Lestrange

    Sweets Elimination Game

    Cauldron Cakes + Drooble’s Best Blowing Bubble Gum - Drooble’s Best Blowing Bubble Gum 17 Cauldron Cakes 17 Sherbet Lemon 15
  14. I've been preparing an original class I want to teach either this fall or next spring.  I have the text for the syllabus, the introduction, and all four lessons as of now.  But I'm not really comfortable with webpage design/making stuff look pretty.  Is there a standard template I could borrow to use for my own class?  (I have more experience with Weebly, though I could use a Google site as well.)  Or could someone just help me out a bit with the creation of a site for this class - especially if it can both look pretty and be accessible?

    1. Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      I can help you set up a class site. Do you have any color preferences for your class? That's how I usually start.

    2. Will Lestrange

      Will Lestrange

      AWESOME!  I like silver-on-black (though that can be horrible to read if done right), but... accented with red for most pages.  (And for my final lesson, I want to have lots of green tones to match Avada Kedavra, which is the subject of that lesson!)

  15. Will Lestrange

    Today I Played...

    Yesterday I went ten miles south to a park on the river for a picnic with some of my friends from trivia, where we could watch the fireworks in the evening. But before the fireworks we had the chance to play three games! First we played two rounds of Secret Hitler, a Mafia-esque game set in Weimar Republic-era Germany. The objective for the majority of the players is to get enough "liberal" policies passed to maintain a liberal government... but a handful of players secretly are working to establish fascist policies and put the "Hitler" player in power instead! Of course, the identity of the "Hitler" player is secret - so that player may try to advance liberal policies for a while to alleviate suspicion! I enjoyed that game because of the pace and intrigue (though it's not fun when everyone keeps on voting "Nein!"/"No!" on the idea of you holding power ;)) Then we played two rounds of Codenames, exactly as it has been played on IRC except this time with physical cards. The second round, I was my team's Spymaster... but sadly, without the stand for the card, I had initially thought the orientation for the card was 90 degrees different from what it actually was. Fortunately, my opponent went first in giving clues, not me - allowing me to clue up the proper words when it got to my turn! My team ended up winning, when we finally realized - on our second chance - that my clue for "gym" referred to "track" and "tag" (and thankfully not "nut", which was the insta-lose word). Finally we played a round of 7 Wonders, which was the first time I played that game. There were a few other new players as well, who essentially had their more experienced friends - nominally their opponents - moving for them! I mostly caught on fairly quickly (though I actually avoided building any stage of the wonder) and had fun with one small exception... the game can really drag on when one or two players regularly take several minutes to choose which card to play! And I finished right in the middle: tied for 4th out of 7.
  16. Will Lestrange

    This or That

    At home Beach or mountains?
  17. Will Lestrange

    2017-18 Slytherin Awards

    YAY SILVER! We wrested the Scales Race back from Green this year - and it was awesome! But looking at the names above, this does look like another successful year in the dungeons! (Still can’t believe I essentially survived OWLS). I look forward to seeing more great things ahead as I head into my final two student years!
  18. Will Lestrange

    Serpentine Professor

    Wow... this is... the end of an era. The three of us all got our “promotions” on the same late July morning three years back - and I couldn’t imagine having made it onto Slytherin staff without the support I got from Cody. And I wouldn’t be half the Quidditch player I ended up being if not for Cody seeing my potential very early on and encouraging me to dream and strive far beyond I imagined possible. For the five years I’ve known Cody I’ve always been impressed by his ability to achieve everything he set his mind to... especially in terms of his ability to invent! That, and the sheer level of charisma (a core Slytherin trait most people overlook) has made him an exemplary leader as long as I’ve known him. I look forward to seeing his legacy live on; I know I’ll do my part!
  19. Will Lestrange

    The Final Countdown

    *glares an angry silver glare towards everything green he can find* (never mind that the scales race in general seems to be going Silver's way this year) great job to everyone for making this the best slow-paced Snitch match I have ever played! thanks for the fun activities and the great times, and one more thing: Green Clan (and non-Slytherins who choose to side with Green)? We'll be coming for you next year!
  20. Will Lestrange

    Night Quest

    When it comes to dealing with ghosts, we can't go wrong with the strategy "kill it with fire!" This is why I brought a crank-powered flamethrower to use at the ghosts. If one twists the handle around (the brown thing in the diagram) the gears will turn igniting the softer metal in the center to form a bright orange flame. This flame will then shoot out of the gear and head towards its target (which is determined by the direction you hold the gear), incinerating it to a crisp!
  21. Will Lestrange

    Elista Quest

    The ruins look like several piles of silver bricks from what evidently used to be a palace. The fragments that remain take the form of three pieces: the one on the bottom left looks like it could be some birds or men in flight, the one at the top looks like a fireplace, and the one on the right looks like some kind of hammer. Most likely, the civilization was a Mesoamerican civilization similar to, but different from, the Mayans and the Aztecs. The significance of the ruins is that it represents several ways we can tame the elements with or without magic: through fire, flight, and tools (as wizards, our main tool is the wand, of course!) And of course, looking at things today, I see the silver color of the bricks as a fortuitous omen for the Silver Clan!
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    Move to Night Attack
  23. Will Lestrange

    Today I Played...

    I decided to relive one of my favorite Ancient Civilizations moments by playing an online version of one of the oldest board games ever... Senet! I very quickly remembered how this game had survived the test of time for millennia: just enough luck to make the game exciting while there was a very strong strategy component as well. I thought I was doing okay at the start when I baited my (simulated) rival into returning a piece to the start. And I was doing a great job of camping out at the center square waiting to attack, only to accidentally end up on the waterfall square near the end, losing quite a bit of play. I was hoping against hope that my opponent wouldn't knock me out as I watched them score their first piece and place the second one near the scoring zone... but I stuck with my strategy. Eventually I had two pieces scored to match theirs, and I scored my second piece (with my third one on the center square) right as their last piece passed my last piece! When each side has one piece left in Senet, choice drops out of the game - and it's luck from that point on. So I had no control as I retook the lead, remaining vulnerable to capture (which didn't happen) and then hit the waterfall to go back to the center. I thought I had lost... until my opponent ALSO hit the waterfall! And then a few lucky rolls got me past the waterfall, which meant I could neither go backwards nor be captured - and I managed to score my final piece for the win with my opponent still eight spaces behind!
  24. Will Lestrange


    *smiles* thanks for the fun! Once I realized how much this was like Seeking boardplay, I started to really enjoy the very slow motion bizarro-Snitch match
  25. Will Lestrange

    Race Results

    Tonight, after a fun logic race, we did a final round of Wiki Races, in which people look for a path to go from Point A to Point B using only Wikipedia links! The following people showed up for the races (and earn 5 XP each for doing so): Darkn3sss, GhostWalker, Namnori, Scarl3t, and Sh1l0h! Also, 5 XP were awarded to the winner of each race (the five races are given below). Race 1: Travel from OASIS to 1989 (winner: Sh1l0h) Race 2: Travel from 1989 to Softball (winner: Namnori) Race 3: Travel from Softball to Fun (winner: Sh1l0h) Race 4: Travel from Fun to Neglected tropical diseases (winner: Scarl3t) Race 5: Travel from Neglected tropical diseases to Koosh ball (winner: Namnori) For winning at least one race tonight, Sh1l0h, Namnori and Scarl3t have each been awarded a one-time warp! This allows the user a chance to jump directly to any planet, provided that they have already unlocked the sector that the planet is in.