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  2. Countercurse #1

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  5. Happy Slyth-o-ween!!

    Other things that don't work (essentially everything from Salazar's card): pureblood pure-blood purebloodsupremacy pure-bloodsupremacy parselmouth parselmouths parseltongue legilimens slytherin salazar salazarslytherin trophyroom thetrophyroom notorious champion notoriouschampion slytherinhouse slytherindungeons chamberofsecrets thechamberofsecrets
  6. Happy Slyth-o-ween!!

    Mine was #50: Musidora Barkwith. Trying a few of her words too... to no avail.
  7. Happy Slyth-o-ween!!

    No; I have 4 from past stuff and opened the first and last one I got... awaiting another card for the graphics I just submitted! *flails*
  8. Signature Tradition

    Chocolate frog sent!
  9. Happy Slyth-o-ween!!

    I’m assuming that when the person gets that one card with a clue, it will be obvious that the card contains a clue? I’d been avoiding the banner/icon activity because... well... graphics and I don’t mix - but if I need to do the graphics to take part in any of the rest of the festivities, I should have something up within 6 hours!
  10. Back to the Burrow - Task 1

    (IN CHARACTER) The days I count to are primarily Quidditch matches and related competitions! I'm no longer in the position where I feel I need to "prove myself" every time I get on the pitch, but there are still goals for me to achieve (especially in terms of welcoming newer players both into the house and onto SQT).
  11. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes - Task 1

    (OUT OF CHARACTER) Those who know both of us now may find it hard to believe, but for my first 10-13 years of my life or so, my younger brother was considered the more conventional person in terms of taste/behavior/attitude and I was the brilliant but eccentric troublemaker! I actually got kicked out of two different schools before entering first grade due to behavior problems (while the second school actually skipped my brother ahead a year because he was able to sit still and listen to a story without falling asleep). Going to elementary school was a HUGE plus because authority figures now rated me primarily on skills I was good at (such as math, reading, and ability to learn) as opposed to skills that I was not that good at (such as manual dexterity - think "cut and paste" or similar things). Even so, in those days my brother was more popular largely because he was more athletic - and I wished I had the hand/eye coordination to do sports (or was even able to pick up a single conversation from a crowded room; a skill that eludes me to this day!)
  12. The snake sprawled out on the couch next to Brabas, clearly in a state of recovery?  That would be me!

  13. The Riddle House - Task 2

    It turns out this summer I was 200 miles away from where I am now! So I'll talk about that: 200 miles away from me is a university called Princeton and a town of the same name (which, to be honest, will always sound to me like a really fancy way of saying "prison"). Princeton is the epitome of an old-school college town, centered around a prestigious university with a predominantly upper-class, undergraduate population, and the type of businesses that cater to that crowd. Just across the canal is a series of strip malls, though at least housing and such are a bit cheaper there. If I absolutely had to, I would visit that place again, but I can't imagine a universe in which I ever wanted to live there!
  14. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Falmouth Falcons + Puddlemere United - Falmouth Falcons 6 Holyhead Harpies 24 Montrose Magpies 15 Puddlemere United 2 Tutshill Tornados 18
  15. Keep a word, drop a word!

    Challenging puzzle