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  1. I got Questioner based on that quiz... which kind of makes sense based on that description (though, of course, I wonder if these types of boxes make sense!)
  2. Well, first place was nice while it lasted... (yes, I look at House Cup standings WAY too much ;))

    1. Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      I totally didn't put off approving points for as long as possible after we had the lead >> 

  3. I would NOT have fared well during the French Revolution; the moment people learned my aristocratic name, my body would likely be introduced to the guillotine. And the typing challenge? I completed it... with exactly one second to spare (I made way too many typos on this!)
  4. I would like to write a review of one of my favorite fanfics: Harry Potter and the Slytherin Selection (and talk a little about the genre of alternate universes where Harry is Sorted into Slytherin). (The first story in the series is rated K+ and therefore HOL appropriate; its sequels are generally rated Teen.)
  5. Hard to believe that the year's almost over!  Next year will be *interesting* for me, both in and out of character...


  6. One of the last times I (the Muggle behind my character) actually cried was my senior year of college, when I was taking an advanced-intermediate French class. In particular, I was crying about the plot of the Camus play Le Malentendu. The course of the play is as follows: a man leaves his family's inn (where his mom and sister still work) and go out to make his fortune. The inn isn't doing well, and years later he returns, but disguised. He intends to give them money to support them, but instead his sister, not recognizing him, decides to kill him to get his money that way. His mom, also not recognizing him, goes along with the plan and doesn't realize what happened until after he died! The idea that the man's ambition to better himself was so vile that it cost him the love and recognition of his mother... was one of the most depressing things I have ever read.
  7. "Coupe" has at least ten different translations as a noun into English, which means... in the nouns quiz you might want to save that one for the end
  8. Usually: weekdays between 12A-6A HOL and weekends between 6P-6A HOL tend to work okay, but the weekends of 6/16-18 and 6/23-25 will be awful for me.
  9. In the optimistic years after the Civil War, before the iron curtain of Jim Crow segregation descended across the southern United States, Hampton's black population earned a measure of renown for its "educated young people, ambitious and hardworking adults, its successful businessmen, and its skillful politicians."
  10. Abraham Peasegood?
  11. Sonnets of a Sorcerer?
  12. Runespour Runespoor eggs?
  13. Relashio?
  14. Parkin's Pincer?