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  1. Will Lestrange


    since it's the 23rd it's time for me to strap on those special Chuck Taylor shoes! Move through Loeria Move through Aquilae 7 Move to Concordia (wearing those shoes)
  2. Will Lestrange

    Coloring Page #5

  3. Will Lestrange

    Discussion #5

    I’m personally not a big fan of the concept of fashion trends at all - of any era. They lend themselves too easily to a world where we’re all expected to invest enormous amounts of time, money, and effort into looking the same as everyone else - and doing anything besides that just gets you ostracized. That said, when I think of fashion trends from the 80s I remember, one comes to mind right away: jeans jackets (or the general use of denim for clothing other than jeans/pants). Aesthetically I think it’s a fairly drab, boring style in general. However, there are definitely people who make it work - and it is those people that I most strongly associate with that style! I can think of crushes that I saw in person, both back in the 80s (when I was in kindergarten) and much more recently, that I remember looking *amazing* in jeans jackets...
  4. Will Lestrange

    Race Results

    After the logic races, we did another round of Wiki Races, in which people look for a path to go from Point A to Point B using only Wikipedia links! The following people showed up for the races (and earn 5 XP each for doing so): Darkn3sss, GhostWalker, K3Ndragon, K8lin, Namnori, and Scarl3t! Also, 5 XP were awarded to the winner of each race (the five races are given below). Note that the starting Oasis was DIFFERENT from the starting Oasis in the last round of races! Race 1: Travel from Oasis to Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five (winner: Namnori) Race 2: Travel from Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five to Gohan (winner: Scarl3t) Race 3: Travel from Gohan to Lunchables (winner: Namnori) Race 4: Travel from Lunchables to Orange chicken (winner: K8lin) Race 5: Travel from Orange chicken to the San Francisco Giants (winner: Namnori) For winning at least TWO races, Namnori and Scarl3t have each been awarded a one-time warp! (Note that Scarl3t won two races total between the first two sets of Wiki Races). As before, this allows the user a chance to jump directly to any planet, provided that they have already unlocked the sector that the planet is in.
  5. Will Lestrange

    Coloring Page #4

  6. Will Lestrange

    Discussion #4

    I don’t think I have actually seen any reboots of movie franchises that “began in the eighties”. The closest would have to be Star Wars; while it technically began in the seventies, two-thirds of the original trilogy was released in the 1980s (1980 for The Empire Strikes Back; 1983 for Return of the Jedi). Star Wars was rebooted in 1999 with The Phantom Menace - the first of a new trilogy. I have seen two movies from that trilogy: The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. Unfortunately, I felt that the reboot was really not worth my time (which is why I haven’t seen a Star Wars movie since 2002). While the original Star Wars trilogy was known for cutting-edge (for their time) graphics, technology has moved on since the eighties. Every choice that the directors made would have to either look like a period piece or a break from the original - and I’m not sure there was any real solution. Worse, the second trilogy felt like a star vehicle (no pun intended) for one of my least favorite actresses: Natalie Portman. Seeing that put me off even more - and made me feel like the franchise jumped the shark!
  7. Will Lestrange

    We now have...

  8. Will Lestrange

    SerpenTimes Ideas

    not sure if I'll be able to get it in by the 15th (though my final OWL is essentially done, I don't expect much more grading for my class, and things SHOULD go much smoother after I move on Sunday) - but... I'm thinking about writing a brief Quidditch retrospective titled "Why #99?" tied to my uniform number...
  9. Will Lestrange

    Coloring Page #3

  10. Will Lestrange

    IRC Activities

    I think I'm available essentially all of the 9th. (it's the day before moving but I should be able to block out an arbitrary period) For the 16th, it would have to be either early (5P-8P HOL) or late (after 1A HOL, at a minimum) due to other commitments I"m working around that day.
  11. Will Lestrange

    Top House Points 2017-18

    Arguably everyone not listed would have tied for ninth, if I'm reading this properly... I'm just glad I didn't get zero like last month! HOPEFULLY June is a much better month for us for points as the class points we 'should' have earned in past months start showing up!
  12. Will Lestrange


  13. Will Lestrange

    Discussion #3

    I don't feel like mimicking terrestrial transport is right for me at all! I think a modified Imperial Star Destroyer, shown below, is better for me to use when traveling between worlds.
  14. Will Lestrange

    Coloring Page #2

  15. Will Lestrange

    IRC Activities

    That might be the single worst possible day for me, though if I must I could probably do something in the evening (preferably after 11:59 PM HOL)! (I’m moving between 4-10 PM HOL that day.)