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  1. In the optimistic years after the Civil War, before the iron curtain of Jim Crow segregation descended across the southern United States, Hampton's black population earned a measure of renown for its "educated young people, ambitious and hardworking adults, its successful businessmen, and its skillful politicians."
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  8. An optimist says "Look!  There's a green light ahead.  That's the signal to go."

    A pessimist says "Run away!  That looks like Avada Kedavra!"

  9. no wait, this is Cormac - not Ron... Confundus Charm?
  10. *cries at watching a Slytherin Chaser repeatedly get blocked* (if I remember my movies correctly, the Quaffle was launched by a Slytherin) [got my GQT Keeper GIFs from Book 6 confused]
  11. Pharaohpathwind? Tutshill Tornados?
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  13. Justin Finch-Fletchley? [and I thought verbal clues were supposed to be < 5 words?]
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