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  1. Hi all! Forum is now back up and running after some gremlins got in overnight and destroyed the place. The forum has been upgraded to a newer version of Invision but unfortunately the skin you were using was lost in the process. If someone is able to find a nice new skin (suitable for version 3.4.6 of Invision) to replace this drab skin, please let Prof. Daphne know. If you experience any issues with the forum, please ensure that you let Prof. Daphne know so that we can look into it asap....

    1. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      Woo, we're back! I've missed my dungeons :(

    2. Prof. Opal Curare

      Prof. Opal Curare

      Daphne, I toooooold you it was your turn to feed the gremlins...

    3. Prof. Daphne Marin-Booth
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