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  3. My blade lights up for the Heroes, and for Slytherin For the most part, my saber is sleek so it won't catch on anything, but i did add the staff handle so I can use it as a combat staff too I chose the leather grips to help me hold on to it better, and everything else is designed to be pretty, which is why i chose Chamber 3 so you can see my green crystal too! Parts ASP . Pommel 17 . Weathered ASP . Staff Extension 1W . Weathered . Medium Green Leather ASP . Resilient Body . Weathered . Medium Green Leather ASP . Chamber 3 . Weathered ASP . Vigilant Switch . Weathered ASP . Black Lotus Emitter . Weathered ASP . Led 12W+ . Green ASP . Blade Plug 2 . Black ASP . Blade 32''
  4. I don't think there is anything that would make me change sides. That being said, I think sometimes the ends justify the means. That is, sometimes I might need to do bad or "evil" things for a good reason. This is especially true when concerning my friends or loved ones, or if it means stopping a big bad guy. An example might be stealing something before a bad guy can, or shooting a bad guy so he'll let go of the hostage.
  5. This is a good point! I don't know if I'd use the weapon i inherited or won though. I think I would probably keep it in some kind of study or other place for displaying it. I would want to be able to remember where it came from, but it would be too special to use. So they'd be more like trophies or souvenirs.
  6. Friendly reminder that SQuiSh! is on for tomorrow Sunday, 16 June at 7 PM HOL time (2 PM EDT). By participating, you will receive 10 emerald shards for the team you represent. SQuiSh! will be in #slytherin on IRC. Be there or be SPLAT!
  7. All nine characters do not have to be in the same universe. Yes, anime is included in "etc."
  8. I agree with Will that sometimes how the hero and villain are classified change, so people's alliances do as well. In this case, people don't change their ways, their 'side' did, so they switch sides to accommodate for this. For me, if someone I cared about were threatened and switching sides would improve the situation, then I would switch. We see with Narcissa Malfoy that she seemed to be with the Death Eaters to protect her family. However, if I began to slowly change my mindset and my beliefs became more aligned with the other side, then I would most likely become a hero or villain depending on what side I was on in the beginning. Sometimes, our beliefs change as we get older and gain more experience with life and thus we become a 'hero' or 'villain' instead of what we were at first.
  9. I have 2 questions does all the character have to be from the same book movie? Can the characters be from an anime as well?
  10. Avada Kedavra + Lumos- Avada Kedavra 8 Crucio 24 Lumos 8 Sectumsempra 9
  11. There's a difference between changing sides and changing who you are. A major political figure of the past century, well-known for his persuasive way of speaking (he was an actor before he was a politician) switched alignments because, in his words, "I didn't leave the <party name deliberately obscured here> party. The party left me." In other words, his positions and beliefs never changed; instead, the way society labeled those things were what changed. And so it is with 'hero' or 'villain' with me: while I know what I stand for and what I believe, society's own labels can and do change over time. And if they switch so that my values are now 'heroic' or 'villainous', then that will make me a 'hero' or 'villain', respectively!
  12. In some of the stories we've been exposed to, villains actually started out as one of the good guys but due to certain circumstances, they found themselves turning to the dark side (think Anakin Skywalker). On the other side of the coin, sometimes villains have a change of heart and go to great lengths to redeem themselves (Severus Snape is a good example of that). What would it take for you to switch sides, and become more aligned with villainy or heroism? Feel free to answer honestly or humorously. Your answer should be at least 5 sentences in length in order to earn 5 emerald shards, which will be going to the Heroes. Prompt provided by Prof. Amy Lupin
  13. In Dungeons & Dragons, Alignment is used to categorize characters based on their moral and ethical perspectives. Most versions use two axes: "Law vs Chaos" and "Good vs Evil." Along with "Neutral," this gives nine possible alignments. This website provides some more information about alignment. Here is an example of an Alignment Chart in the Harry Potter universe: (Click for a larger image) Fill out your own Alignment Chart! Choose nine characters from any book, movie, comic, etc. that fit each alignment. Please limit yourself to only one character from Harry Potter. You must include a list with a sentence or two explaining each of your nine selections. You may also create a visual representation with the following Alignment Chart or make your own. Any images must be kept to a maximum size of 600x600 pixels. Lawful Good | Neutral Good | Chaotic Good Lawful Neutral | True Neutral | Chaotic Neutral Lawful Evil | Neutral Evil | Chaotic Evil After you post your completed Alignment Chart below, you will find out if your 20 emerald shards will align with the Heroes or the Villains.
  14. E-mail your solution to slytherin.emeraldcup [at] gmail.com (Subject: "Era 4 - Nonogram") to earn 20 emerald shards for the Villains.
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  16. Anyone who knows me knows I love pretty weapons. My ideal would be a sword that was as ornamental as it was dangerous, though I also wouldn't mind a longbow or crossbow as they can be very useful in a pinch. It would have to be quite small and light as I am as well. Obviously the Sword of Gryffindor would be adream but I'm not that sold on the colour scheme of silver and red; one of the dragon rider's swords from the Inheritance cycle would suit me down to the ground though as colours and gemstones are incredibly important to me. I don't think I'd mind inheriting or winning a weapon from an opponent or picking one up in the course of a quest; I like that weapons have their own stories that exist beyond the current wielder. At the same time, having one crafted for me so it properly reflected my personality and fighting style would be wonderful too. I'm good with my hands so I'd certainly have a bash at building my own weapon, I'm just circumspect about how it would turn out
  17. Avada Kedavra - Lumos + Avada Kedavra 7 Crucio 24 Lumos 9 Sectumsempra 9
  18. Avada Kedavra + Crucio - Avada Kedavra 8 Crucio 24 Lumos 8 Sectumsempra 9
  19. If I to choose to use a weapon to fight with I would use my fists, because I love knocking people out. I don't think I need any weapons beyond my fists. Although I could use my body too. Also yes both my hands and body are lethal, well trained weapons. However, if I had to pick another weapon I'd love to have werewolf teeth that can draw blood out of any human that want to mess with me.
  20. Avada Kedavra + Lumos - Avada Kedavra 7 Crucio 25 Lumos 8 Sectumsempra 9
  21. I need a weapon . It should be easy to handle. The weapon should have great powers. It should be controlled by the owner even if they are far away with just a flick of their wand. It will only work for the worthy(i.e. Romilda Jones).It will have the power no other weapon has nor will. It will stand unique and unbeaten among any other weapons. the looks of it should terrify the people. It will look like a dagger but has pretty cool and hidden powers in it
  22. The color of my crystal is Artic Blue, which means that it will be used to fight for the light side. My hilt is made of a switch, pommel, chamber, coupler, plug, and emitter, making six parts in my hilt. Most of my parts are there for design and they make my saber easy to hold on to and fight with. My saber represents the light side 15 emerald shards to Villains
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