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  2. Sure! Here are the articles: Slytherin Ravenclaw Hufflepuff Gryffindor I've never played any of the games that made the lists for Slytherin or Gryffindor. It's kind of funny that they did choose Pandemic for Hufflepuff.
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  4. Can you share a link to that list? Let's see... Ravenclaw- Clue or Monopoly. Gryffindor- Kind of odd, but War. You know the card game for young children who are learning to add? Slytherin- Life. Hufflepuff- *disclaimer: I know this is a little kids game, and I am not trying to imply anything. I am a Hufflepuff who actually enjoys this game. Call me a little kid.* Candy Land.
  5. A couple of days ago I played Monopoly for the first time. I played it with two other people. I do not understand why people don't like it. This guy that I was playing with sold me my fourth railroad- a bad choice. For those of you who don't know how to play, there are four railroads. If you own all of them you get 200 monopoly money whenever somebody lands on ANY of the railroads. The point of the game is to have the most money, make the other players go bankrupt, and own the most properties. AT the end of the game I had tons of money, while my friends had exactly 1 monopoly money. They could not keep their properties since they kept landing on the pricey properties that I owned. I would explain the game, but I think I heard that a post can't be more a million words. Ok... maybe I'm exaggerating just a touch.😉 I do not understand one thing about the game though- how does it end?
  6. Video games? I'm not great at them(actually that depends on what kind), but I'll give it a go.
  7. SerpenTimes published!

    The next deadline is 15th June. No theme yet, but posts will be updated ASAP!

  8. part 2 "Of course, he has kept in touch with Hogwarts all this time. He was involved in the Battle of Hogwarts, but kept a low profile during it. And, like I say, every once in a while I have tea and some pastry, last time it was chocolate eclairs, with him and Tina. If you like, I could mention I have a Hufflepuff who appears to have an affinity with animals, and would like to be his apprentice -- and you and he could talk if he feels that is a viable option." "You do have to remember, though, that whatever you do, it's highly dangerous work. Those creatures are apt to bite and gouge and generally have no notion that you are not supposed to be kept alive to take care of them." "It seems to be a better bet than being an Auror, which is what I thought I'd want to be. At least with the animals, you know where you are all the time. If you would do that, it'd be lovely. I'd greatly appreciate it! THANKS!"
  9. "Miss Black, come in." "Thank you, Professor Sprout. Gee, that's a nice biting orchid you have on your desk. What do you use as fertilizer to keep the biting tendencies down? They can draw a lot of bloo ..." "Miss Black, we are supposed to be discussing career options for you after you graduate. While the orchid can be rather toothy, I've found some herbal fertilizers which work pretty well -- and also, if one uses sea kelp, washed of course to get the salt off, that really seems to improve the color and strength of the blooms. But back to the subject -- do you have any preferences as to what you'd like to do, or be?" "I just saw a movie on the Muggles thing. You know they are actually making moving pictures of stuff of our world? It's totally amazing. I think one of the most amazing things is that they do it in colour. But yeah, did you know Newt Scamander is a Hufflepuff? I saw a couple of movies about him and he's really amazing. Do you think he is still taking on apprentices?" "Yes, I am aware of Mr. Scamander and his ... adventures. Every once in a while I have tea with him and his wife, Tina. They are really nice people. There's a book he'd written, of course you've read it ..." *nodding* "I am on my fifth book, the others sort of fell apart ..." " ... and it implies that he's retired and living in Dorset. That, of course, is utterly foolish. He petitioned for that to be put in the book so that he's not considered a 'present day personality', and would not be easy to locate, but I happen to know he has more than Mauler, Milly and Hoppy living with him -- and they don't live in Dorset. They moved from there a while ago. Also, he still has that suitcase and utilizes it to help out all the creatures he feels need help." "That's amazing, and you know him? How awesome! Do you think he might be interested in having an apprentice, or another apprentice?"
  10. You can describe the pamphlet design in words or use a program such as Paint or Photoshop to make it.
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  12. This Easter Egg is rather large ... and when it hatches, a little dragon comes out! 😍
  13. For Easter, Harry received “a handsome chocolate egg decorated with small, iced Snitches and, according to the packaging, containing a bag of Fizzing Whizbees” from Mrs. Weasley. Color in the following egg or come up with your own design. What would you put inside your Easter egg? 10 scales if posted by Sunday 24th March, 23:59 HOL time. 5 scales if posted after that but before Sunday 31st March, 23:59 HOL time.
  14. SO YOU THINK YOU’D LIKE TO WORK IN MUGGLE RELATIONS? HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO TRAIN SECURITY TROLLS? MAKE A BANG AT THE DEPARTMENT OF MAGICAL ACCIDENTS AND CATASTROPHES It’s time for career advice! Design a career pamphlet for one of the titles above or make up your own. Alternatively, describe how you think your career advice session with your Head of House would go. 10 scales if posted by Sunday 24th March, 23:59 HOL time. 5 scales if posted after that but before Sunday 31st March, 23:59 HOL time.
  15. Welcome back! I'm heading into another crazy tech week as we get ready for a concert on Saturday, so here's all of this week's questions, which come from Chapter 29: Career Advice: 141: At the start of the Easter holidays, how much time did they have left until exams? 142: Who was Madam Pince stamping out a pile of books for? Bonus: What is one of the jobs advertised on the pamphlets the trio were reading? 143: How was Harry going to open the door to Umbridge’s office? 144: What chapter were the students reading in DADA? 145: Who answered the call at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place? Bonus: Who came into Umbridge’s office after Harry? PM me the answers by 12am HOL time March 23 for 14 scales!
  16. Winners: Tutshill Tornados Wigtown Wanderers Pride of Portree Ballycastle Bats Holyhead Harpies Falmouth Falcons
  17. Appleby Arrows vs Tutshill Tornados Wigtown Wanderers vs Puddlemere United Wimbourne Wasps vs Pride of Portree Ballycastle Bats vs Kenmare Kestrels Caerphilly Catapults vs Holyhead Harpies Chudley Cannons vs Falmouth Falcons
  18. Five Hogwarts students wanted to earn some extra money for the summer holidays. They thought they would make different pastries and sell them (either individually or in lots). Who are the students, how much did they charge for the pastries (one charged 4 sickles), what did each of them make (one of which is cookies) and what was a main ingredient? 1. Neither the person who used strawberries nor the person who charged 8 sickles is the student who made the eclairs. The student who used chocolate put it in croissants. 2. Scarlet charged 1 sickle more than the student who made doughnuts. The student who used vanilla charged 3 sickles more than Cody. 3. Alexander charged 5 sickles. Neither Scarlet nor the student who used strawberries is the student who charged 3 or 6 sickles. 4 Sirius didn't charge 6 sickles. Will is either the person who used vanilla or the person who charged 8 sickles. 5. Alexander charged more than the person who used bananas. Of the student who used licorice and Scarlet, one charged 3 sickles and the other made pies. Send me your answer in a Dungeon PM titled: Puzzle - Pastries This puzzle has been solved by: Cody Lewis Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis Will Lestrange Alexander Brighton
  19. Appleby Arrows vs Tutshill Tornados Wigtown Wanderers vs Puddlemere United Wimbourne Wasps vs Pride of Portree Ballycastle Bats vs Kenmare Kestrels Caerphilly Catapults vs Holyhead Harpies Chudley Cannons vs Falmouth Falcons
  20. Appleby Arrows vs Tutshill Tornados Wigtown Wanderers vs Puddlemere United Wimbourne Wasps vs Pride of Portree Ballycastle Bats vs Kenmare Kestrels Caerphilly Catapults vs Holyhead Harpies Chudley Cannons vs Falmouth Falcons
  21. New matches are up! You have two weeks to make your picks, so we better end up with more than three votes!
  22. Crucio + Avada Kedavra - Avada Kedavra 3 Crucio 19 Expelliarmus 2 Lumos 11 Obliviate 6 Sectumsempra 8
  23. In the time since I last posted, there have been several highlights: We managed to turn things around in the February game of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, pulling off a comfortable win. There were some new mechanics introduced that really made a difference. The March game was also rather fun, though we didn't really make use of those new mechanics. I liked that instead of there being a certain number of set objectives to complete, we had a bit of a choice this time around. We've been sticking to the same roles thus far, though it's possible we may change them up in later games. We'll be playing the April game towards the end of this month. I was able to score a personal best in Azul: 110 points. It was a longer game than usual in which I managed to get three sets of 5-of-a-kind, which really helped boost my score. Previously my highest score was in the 90s (and I'm often lucky if I can manage one set of 5-of-a-kind, let alone 2 or 3). I also had the opportunity to play several 2p games of Azul, in which I was able to refine my strategy slightly. Despite intentionally playing more riskily to offset this, the change in strategy enabled me to pull off 3 consecutive wins. Needless to say, my opponent wasn't too impressed. Personally, I'd say it was revenge though for said opponent beating me 3 times in a row at Hive, which we played one time while waiting for everyone else in the usual games group to arrive at a Wednesday meetup. I liked the chess-like feel of it, without the game being chess itself (instead of "cornering" the King, you had to do so with the Queen Bee, and different insects had different movement abilities). I did manage to fend off my opponent in the final game for some time, though ultimately a well placed grasshopper spelled my downfall. I also finally introduced the usual games group to Good Cop, Bad Cop, which they all seemed to enjoy. There was a particularly enjoyable game where the Agent was able to persuade the Kingpin that they were on their side, only to betray them at the last minute. The Agent's plan was still foiled through, as several people on the Kingpin's side were able to make use of effective equipment cards to change the outcome of several subsequent actions. We also played one round with the Undercover expansion, which made it trickier to find out people's true identities, but added a very interesting dynamic to the game. I recently started playing Charterstone with some members of the usual games group, and it's proving to be really good so far. We're two games in, and though so far I've always been the first to run out of influence tokens, I quite like the dynamic of having a finite "resource" in a worker placement game. I also feel there's much more variety/variation from "journey" (a set of 12 games) to "journey" compared to Pandemic Legacy, though we may end up putting that to the test once we've completed the latter with the other group. I've also played several app versions of games (partly due to the one local retailer putting their games days on hold due to renovations at their usual venue), including Kingdom Builder, which I'd been curious about. It reminded me a lot of Terra Mystica in terms of the placement rules. I liked that there were different scoring conditions from game to game, though I found it to be a bit on the light side (and it would likely benefit from one or more of the expansions that came out later). That said, I eventually uninstalled it because I found myself playing game after game after game. As a deckbuilder, Star Realms was a must try for me. There's several interesting mechanics, such as certain cards belonging to one of four factions, allowing you a bonus if you have more than one of them in play in the same turn. Additionally, certain cards can optionally be trashed after using them allowing for a one time boost/bonus, which is really useful if you need extra combat to defeat an opponent's base (which typically offers an ongoing bonus until it's no longer in play, or at the very least safeguards one's authority/health) -- or extra trade/coins to get a really expensive card. I am tempted to buy it at some stage, though having recently gone down the rabbit hole of chasing additional packs for another game, I'm reluctant to start with Star Realms just yet.
  24. Lumos + Avada Kedavra - Avada Kedavra 4 Crucio 18 Expelliarmus 2 Lumos 11 Obliviate 6 Sectumsempra 8
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